Kyle and Jackie O's most controversial moments over the years

Scandal is never far from the dynamic duo of Aussie radio.

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault discussed

Morning radio presenters Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O's breakfast radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show has repeatedly been the top-rated radio show in the country and won multiple awards. However, it's not without controversy.

Kyle is known to be a shock jock who loves to court contention and even with Jackie being the voice of reason, the show has got in trouble over the years.

Kyle and Jackie O in the studios of 2Day FM
Kyle and Jackie O started at 2Day FM before moving to KIIS1065. Photo: Getty Images

"Crazy callers are a great thing, as long as they are not inappropriate," Simon Greally, Kyle and Jackie O Show producer told The Brisbane Times in 2010. "We try to push the boundaries as much as we can, though not too much."

There have been a few times when they have definitely overstepped their boundaries however, leading to suspensions and apologies.


Questioning teen abuse survivor about her sex life

In 2009, a mother rang into the show to get Kyle and Jackie O to put her 14-year-old daughter through a lie detector test to determine her experience with drugs and sex.

The girl sounded uncomfortable about the pair's questions and finally broke down, saying she was raped when she was 12.

Kyle Sandilands replied: "Right... is that the only experience you've had?"

Jackie O then cut off the call telling listeners that they had no prior knowledge of this and offering the family counselling.

Concentration camp comment

Later that same year, Kyle was suspended again after suggesting comedian Magda Szubanski could lose more weight if she was in a concentration camp.

Magda Szubanski on the catwalk in 2009 and Kyle and Jackie O at an MTV event
Kyle offended many listeners after suggesting that comedian Magda Szubanski would lose more weight if she was in a concentration camp. Photo: Getty Images

Kyle and Jackie were discussing the Kath and Kim star's contract with Jenny Craig, when Kyle said "You put her in a concentration camp and you watch the weight fall, like she could be skinny."

The comments immediately caused uproar.

"I couldn't give two hoots about what Kyle says about me, but to trivialise what happened to people in concentration camps is abhorrent," Magda, who has Polish heritage, where the worst of the concentration camps were, told Nine.

Demeaning comments to women

When a Sydney journalist reported that the Kyle and Jackie O's Night With The Stars TV show had done badly in the ratings, the shock jock was incensed.

"What a fat bitter thing you are. You're deputy editor of an online thing. You've got a nothing job anyway. You're a piece of s**t," he told listeners the next morning.

"Watch your mouth or I'll hunt you down," he added.

He also referred to her breast size and hairstyle in his diatribe.

Advertisers immediately started pulling their ads from the breakfast show.

The radio watchdog found Kyle guilty of breaching decency standards and demeaning women or girls with the radio station on notice that they could lose their licence if he made such remarks again.

Virgin Mary backlash

In 2019, Kyle upset many Christians by declaring on air that he didn't believe the immaculate conception story of Jesus's mother Mary.

"You might believe everything that's written down 2,000 years ago to be absolutely accurate and good on you, you're dumb. Dumb as dog s**t," he added about those who believe the stories of the bible to be true.

While he apologised claiming it was a bad joke, he quietly settled a court case after a Catholic man sued him for 'religious discrimination'.

Learning from their mistakes

In 2020, it seemed that Kyle realised the harm some of his past comments had caused. After seeing how upset former Bachelor star Ali Oetjen was about the pressure of her life being in the public eye on SAS Australia, he apologised to her on air.

"Yeah, it's a sh*t thing," Kyle said about his behaviour in the past. "It felt fun at the time but you don’t realise until you see someone getting emotional about it and you think, ‘Oh, hang on a second, these are real people.' You forget sometimes people on TV are real human beings," he added.

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