Jackie O tears up over live on air over 'worst nightmare' health scare

Jackie O has revealed a frightening moment she found a lump in her breast.

Jackie O has teared up live on air while talking about a frightening health scare.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show co-host appeared on Studio 10 with Angela Bishop on Monday morning alongside her best friend Gemma O’Neill, when she revealed the scary moment.

Gemma spoke about the photoshoot the pair did for their new business venture called Besties, when Jackie called her in to the bathroom and told her she’d found a lump in her breast.

Jackie O on Studio 10
Jackie O has teared up live on air talking about her recent health scare. Photo: Studio 10

“So we went from this huge high to Jackie went to the bathroom quickly and put on some fake tan and yelled out my name,” Gemma revealed.

“And it was a way of saying it that I knew something was wrong. And so I said ‘I'm coming’. So I went into the bathroom and she looked very emotional. And she said, ‘I've just found a lump in my breast’. And I said, ‘Are you sure?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah’, and so she was standing there, naked. she said can you feel and so I'm standing there feeling her breast and I said ‘Yeah, there is something small in there actually’.


Jackie began to tear up as Gemma continued with her story, saying: “We went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in the space of five minutes.”

The radio star was able to book a mammogram for the next day where she discovered everything was completely normal, but she wanted to use her story as a warning to others to not put off routine appointments.

Jackie O and Gemma O'Neil on Studio 10
Gemma spoke about the moment Jackie called her into the bathroom to feel for the lump. Photo: Studio 10

“A lot of people they just think the worst and they're too afraid to see what the result is and it's terrifying, it really is,” Jackie said.

“Those few days were just like, what if? And sometimes you just want to go ‘I'm not going to deal with that today, I'll deal with that next week’. And by putting it off and off, you know, it really it's not the answer.

“And if it does encourage someone to go and get checked, then I think that would be great. Because, you know, like you say it's more often than not good news, and it's done, you know, and it's so important to get those checks done.”

Jackie O and Gemma O'Neill on Studio 10
Jackie said she hopes it inspires other women not to put off their own appointments. Photo: Studio 10

Jackie O forced to defend 18kg weight loss

Jackie also opened up about her weight loss, after dropping 18kg in less than six months.

“It was a work in progress, it didn’t happen just like that,” she said.

She explained that she had to change a lot of things that she had let go over the course of a few years.

“I just somehow got into a place that I wasn’t happy with. It does take time and a lot of work.”

The radio host previously revealed some of her followers and listeners didn't believe she had lost the weight by following WW (former Weight Watchers).

The 48-year-old hit back at the critics on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, saying: "They’ve helped me and now we’ve achieved the goal”. Jackie’s co-host Kyle Sandilands called it a "success story".

"It was great working with them, it really was," Jackie continued, adding that the many people who don't believe she lost the weight by using WW can continue thinking whatever they like.

"I can’t really defend myself anymore beyond what I have," Jackie said. "If people want to believe I’ve had surgery or I’m taking Ozempic, well just go ahead and think that. That’s fine. But I haven’t so I can’t say it anymore than I have."

Last year, Jackie took a few months break from her hit radio show to deal with a series of health struggles. She’s since spoken at length about how changing her diet and exercise habits and cutting out alcohol was life-changing for her.

"I didn’t do it for bikini bod status. I just wanted to feel good about myself,” she said.

She also told news.com.au: “It is a combination of three things, I don’t drink alcohol, diet and exercise”.

It’s believed Jackie took up tennis and completely overhauled her lifestyle.

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