Jackie 'O' Henderson addresses rumours around 18kg weight loss: 'Definitely not'

"I can’t really defend myself anymore beyond what I have."

Jackie 'O' Henderson has been forced to defend herself against rumours surrounding her recent 18kg weight loss, with the radio host revealing some of her followers and listeners believe she didn't lose the weight with WW (former Weight Watchers).

The 48-year-old hit back at the critics on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday after being slammed by many on an Instagram post where she announced she is parting ways with WW.

Jackie 'O' Henderson
Jackie 'O' Henderson has been forced to defend herself against rumours surrounding her recent 18kg weight loss. Photo: Instagram/Kyle and Jackie O Show

"They’ve helped me and now we’ve achieved the goal," Jackie said of WW, with her co-host Kyle Sandilands calling it a "success story".

"It was great working with them, it really was," she said, adding that the many people who don't believe she lost the weight by using WW can continue thinking whatever they like.

"I can’t really defend myself anymore beyond what I have," Jackie said. "If people want to believe I’ve had surgery or I’m taking Ozempic, well just go ahead and think that. That’s fine. But I haven’t so I can’t say it anymore than I have."


She said that she hasn't bothered responding to or deleting the mean comments, "I just let them have their vent and whatever they think, they think."

"I’m not changing their minds, clearly. But I do appreciate the people who do defend it on my behalf because I don’t want to get involved otherwise it makes it worse," the host added.

Jackie has spoken at length about how changing her diet and exercise habits and cutting out alcohol was life-changing for her, with the host having time off work late last year to recover from a series of health struggles that were not helped by the early starts of breakfast radio.

Jackie 'O' Henderson in Italy
Jackie said she had a moment that 'clicked' and she was motivated. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O Henderson

"I had a completely different lifestyle. I don’t know why people don’t want to believe it but that’s fine," she said.

"People don't want to believe it, because people don't have the willpower to do what you [did]," Kyle said. "I don't have the willpower."

"I didn’t have the willpower, either," she responded. "I think if you’ve ever been on diets and things, you just know there comes a time where you click and you’re motivated and it’s so hard to get that motivation for years and it still just didn’t click for me.

"And this time it did and I can’t explain why but it did. I just had that motivation."

She added, "I didn’t do it for bikini bod status. I just wanted to feel good about myself."

Jackie announces end of WW partnership

Jackie 'O' Henderson on holiday
Jackie took to Instagram this week to announce the end of her WW partnership. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O Henderson

Jackie took to Instagram this week to announce the end of her WW partnership, writing, "My WW journey has been one I’ve shared candidly over the last few years. It has been a partnership that helped me change my eating habits and educated me on the right choices for my body, to keep healthy and active.

"As I come to the end of the partnership this month, I wanted to thank the WW team for being such an amazing bunch of people to work with and for being my cheerleaders along the way. It’s been a true joy and I’m so thankful to WW for helping me."


While some users were supportive of the star, many others were less so.

"You look like an angel," Sophie Monk commented.

"Yay! You look stunning," Jasmine Stefanovic added.

"You’re not only healthier, you look amazing," one user wrote. "Love the way you dress."

"[WW] do you sell Ozempic now?" another questioned.

Others begged the radio host to "come clean" and share the reality behind the weight loss.

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