Home and Away spoiler: Leaked video reveals fan-favourite couple reignite their romance

Love is in the air in Summer Bay.

L: Adam Rowland as Remi on Home and Away. R: Remi and Bree holding hands during a scene.
Home and Away's Remi and Bree have been snapped holding hands during a scene. Photo: Seven & Facebook/CelebTime

Home and Away fans were devastated when Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) and Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) called it quits in May this year. Thanks to a sneaky spoiler from set, it looks like fans won’t have to miss their favourite couple much longer, as they appear to be getting back together in future scenes.

The couple have been through some tense situations including dealing with Bree’s abusive husband Jacob Cameron (Alex Williams). At one point, Jacob was so incensed by Bree and Remi’s affair he kidnapped the pair. After Remi escaped, Bree managed to get out of the situation by hitting Jacob on the head with a shovel – resulting in his death.

However, their relationship came to an end when Remi refused to give up his motorbike. In Bree’s line of work as a doctor, she knows all too well the risk riding around on a motorbike can pose.


Since their split, they’ve dated other people. Bree had a fling with film director Nelson Giles (Mahesh Jadu) while Remi hooked up with Nelson’s leading lady, Stevie Marlow (Catherine Van-Davies).

CelebTime, a tour company that takes fans out to Palm Beach to watch Home and Away film, recently shared a video from set. The clip has had over 30,000 views and attracted plenty of comments.

Remi and Bree holding hands during a Home and Away scene
The couple looked loved up. Photo: Facebook/CelebTime

In one of the scenes Bree and Remi are seen strolling along the path while holding hands, before having a brief conversation

“This confirms that Bree and Remi get back together. We will see this in six months so at the start of 2025,” one fan wrote in a Facebook fan group.

Of course, viewers were overjoyed by the news, with one saying: “Ooh good. I want them together again.”

“Good news about Bree and Remi. Can’t wait,” another said.

“Glad Bree and Remi are back together,” a third wrote.

Shane Withington as John Palmer on the set of Home and Away
Other actors, including Shane Withington, appeared in the video. Photo: Facebook/CelebTime

Others were thankful for the glimpse of the behind-the-scenes footage, which also showed Shane Withington as Shane Palmer in his lifeguard uniform interacting with the crowd.

Emily Weir was also seen in character as Mackenzie Booth, shooting a scene with Kyle Shilling as Mali Hudson.


“Thank you for sharing Celebtime. Always get the great behind-the-scenes [action],” one gushed.

“Love this video,” another added.

“I love watching behind-the-scenes of Home and Away,” a third remarked.

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