Home and Away spoiler: Surprising new character set to shake things up in Summer Bay

Who is the mysterious Abigail Fowler?

L: Eden Fowler on Home and Away. R: Abigail Fowler filming on Home and Away
Eden Fowler's sister Abigail Fowler is expected to appear on Home and Away soon. Photo: Seven & Facebook/Home and Away Spoilers & Gossip

It looks like Home and Away will be welcoming Eden Fowler’s (Stephanie Panozzo) sister to Summer Bay soon. While there were rumours of a character called Abigail Fowler floating around, one lucky fan who went to the location set at Palm Beach in Sydney last week was able to get confirmation.

The show typically films about five to six months in advance, so this particular scene should be hitting our screens in November. They snapped a photo of the new female character filming a scene by the beach.

According to the fan, somebody told her the actor Hailey Pinto was playing Abigail.


“Something else to see in six months, another newbie. Eden’s sister Abigail in the photo on the left I was told,” she wrote in a Facebook fan group.

The Home and Away fan also included another photo of Eden talking to a new character on the restaurant Salt’s balcony. A superfan identified this as another possible relative to Eden, Levi and Abigail – potentially their father, rumoured to be played by Aaron Jeffery.

Viewers were quick to speculate about what the Fowler family would be doing in the bay, with one saying it could be a “family get-together”.

Eden Fowler and a new male character filming on Home and Away
This mystery male character was also seen filming last week. Photo: Facebook/Home and Away Spoilers & Gossip

“Let’s hope Abigail isn’t a drama queen lol,” another added.

“Another with no job,” a third joked.

Home and Away fan website Back To The Bay previously reported about seeing a script page that was inadvertently shared on social media by a crew member. The scene that was being shot that day included three characters: Eden, Levi and Abigail.

Eden and her father aren’t on good terms, with the musician shunning him and Levi, after her father had an affair. At this stage, not much else is known about their sister Abigail – whether she was in regular contact with Eden, or if she also was estranged from her sister over the drama that ripped their family apart.


Earlier this year, a leaked snap of Eden and Cash Newman’s (Nicholas Cartwright) engagement party was shared on social media.

Hailey was seen speaking to Eden a lot, so her arrival in the bay could be due to Eden’s exciting news.

Her character is expected to be introduced around August to September.

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