Home and Away star reveals secrets about the band Lyrik

Home and Away fans have been delighted by the introduction of new band Lyrik, adding a new flavour to Summer Bay and keeping the show fresh.

Adam Rowland, who plays Remi Carter on the show, spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about how the band was formed, the secrets behind Lyrik's music, and why he’s so ‘grateful’ for the role.

Home and Away star Adam Rowland has opened up about the show. Photo: Seven
Home and Away star Adam Rowland has opened up about the show. Photo: Seven

The star appears in the band alongside newcomers Angelina Thomson (Kirby Aramoana), Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) and fan-favourite Matt Evans (Theo Poulos).

The process of creating the band made Adam ‘nervous’ at first, but it turned out to be really fun. After producers sifted through multiple audition tapes, they flew up a few people for each role to test their chemistry.

“They put us in a room with a bunch of other candidates and we just rotated through to get the band together, to find that vibe,” he remembers.

“I was quite nervous coming into the studio here in Sydney, but I felt right at home as soon as we got in there.”


Actors often audition for multiple roles, but Adam had his heart set on the character Remi.

“During the audition process, I certainly felt a connection with that character. I was stoked I got an audition,” he says.

The band Lyrik on Home and Away playing a concert on the road
Bob has recently left the band and Theo has replaced him. Photo: Seven

Lyrik’s secrets revealed

Fans have been obsessed with the band since their arrival this year, and many have been wondering if the talented cast performs live.

Adam clears up any confusion and says: “We do a mixture of both [pre-recorded and live] actually. Every song we play, we learn, we work together with our team that runs all the music. And depending on the shoot and what we’re trying to shoot, we’ll play with playback.

“Other times, especially with the guitar, I’ll just play the track which is great."

The star says that playing live can be really beneficial to his acting, as it helps him get ‘in the moment’ and into character on set.

The members of Lyrik are all talented musicians, and Adam admits that he feels ‘at home’ whenever he has his guitar.

The very first scene the band filmed on Home and Away was Lyrik's musical performance outside the Parata house. Adam reveals that everybody was 'nervous and stressed', and 'incredibly excited', but all their troubles disappeared when the band began to play.

“They threw me my guitar and they said, ‘stand here’, and ‘go for it’. I felt at home with my guitar,” he laughs.

Adam says he's in awe of everybody's musical talent, including Matt Evans who plays Theo. Photo: Seven
Adam says he's in awe of everybody's musical talent, including Matt Evans who plays Theo. Photo: Seven

‘I’m so grateful’

The response to Adam and his band mates has been ‘phenomenal’, and Adam finds it hard to believe he gets to combine acting and music for a job.

“So many people have come up and said it’s great to have music on the show. It brings a lot of life to the show,” he explains.

“I find that scenes that we shoot when there is music involved, it’s just a great atmosphere.”

The soap has famously produced Hollywood stars such as Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher and Samara Weaving — and Adam can’t believe his luck.

“It has definitely been a platform for those actors starting at grassroots. It’s a phenomenal opportunity that I’ve been given, I’m so grateful for it. Right now, I certainly want to focus on doing my best and becoming a better actor,” he gushes.

And for those aspiring actors wanting to make it onto the soap one day, he shares some important advice: “I think just working hard, staying true to who you are as an actor and where you want to go with your direction [is key].

“Working your way up to that opportunity when it arises and that audition lands in your emails — just give it all you’ve got.”

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