Home and Away EXCLUSIVE: Georgie Parker reveals exit plans

Fans have begged Georgie Parker not to leave Summer Bay.

Home and Away star Georgie Parker has been on the show since 2010, replacing Justine Clarke as Alf Stewart’s daughter Ruth ‘Roo’ Stewart. The iconic stage and screen star has become a fan favourite, with her close relationships with Ray Meagher (Alf Stewart), Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts), Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers) and Ada Nicodemou (Leah Patterson) evident through their onscreen chemistry.

While the star takes extended breaks from Summer Bay each year to pursue her passion for live theatre, she isn’t planning to leave for good in the near future.

Georgie Parker as Roo Stewart on Home and Away
Georgie Parker has played Roo Stewart on Home and Away since 2010. Photo: Seven

In a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, the 58-year-old admits she wouldn’t consider quitting while Ray was still working.

“I’m very fortunate that [producers] are very flexible, and they let me go to do other things which is very important for me. I’m very, very grateful for it,” she tells us.

“Honestly, while Ray’s there I wouldn’t leave because my character is his daughter and my storyline revolves around him.”


The star notes that she enjoys working with the other long-term cast members and assures fans she isn’t “going anywhere”.

While the All Saints star claims that most of the storylines revolve around the ‘younger cast members’, Georgie’s character previously had quite an important decision to make when her onscreen mother Martha Stewart, played by Belinda Giblin, was in need of a kidney.

Ray Meagher, Belinda Giblin, Georgie Parker and Harley Bonner on Home and Away
One of Roo's biggest recent storylines revolved around her sick mother. Photo: Seven

Fans rally behind Georgie

After a string of core cast members leaving this year, including Kawakawa Fox-Reo (Nikau Parata), Sophie Dillman (Ziggy Aston) and Patrick O’Connor (Dean Thompson), fans have been begging Georgie not to follow suit.

“Please don’t leave, you are a great actor. Everyone loves you at Summer Bay so don’t leave,” one fan pleaded on social media.

“I love Georgie Parker, it [wouldn’t] be the same without you,” another added.


“I think I will stop watching Home and Away. Too many regulars leaving. Nikau, Dean and Ziggy. And Jasmine. I know they can’t stay forever but I don’t think it will ever be the same,” a third chimed in.

“Love Georgie. She is a wonderful actress and it is her character, along with Alf, Irene, John and Marilyn that are the absolute mainstay of Home and Away,” another pointed out.

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