Home and Away fans spot surprising detail on The Chase: 'Seeing double'

Eagle-eyed Summer Bay fans noticed a peculiar detail during the episode.

Home and Away fans were left scratching their heads on Wednesday when a contestant on The Chase was the spitting image of actor Kyle Shilling.

The 28-year-old star, who plays Mali Hudson on the show, appeared to be competing on the game show under the name ‘Jesse'.

L: Home and Away's Kyle Shilling's brother Jesse Shilling on The Chase. R: Larry Emdur on The Chase
Home and Away star Kyle Shilling's twin brother appeared on The Chase last week. Photo: Seven

Fans quickly jumped on Facebook fan groups to discuss the bizarre discovery, with one revealing that Kyle actually has a twin brother called Jesse.

“I thought [Kyle] played on The Chase, it looked so much like him lol,” a fan admitted.

“Explains [why] I was seeing double last night,” another quipped.

“He looked exactly like Kyle but a different name. Haha how funny…thought he got a haircut and changed his name on the show," a third chimed in.


“I thought it was Kyle with a beard at first, then saw the name Jesse, so I thought he was just a lookalike,” another added.

One fan suggested that Home and Away producers could use Kyle’s twin to their advantage.

“He can be a body double when [Kyle] is sick lol,” one quipped.

L: Jesse Shilling on The Chase. R: Kyle Shilling on Home and Away
Kyle's brother Jesse has a different hairstyle and a thicker beard. Photo: Seven

The Indigenous rapper has a background in performing, and his twin Jesse is also passionate about their culture and heritage.

When chatting to host Larry Emdur, Jesse revealed that he had recently worked with Chris Hemsworth for his new television series Limitless with Chris Hemsworth.

“Part of his documentary that’s coming out, he connected with the local people around three different nations, and I got invited to be a part of it, and yeah we taught him a dance. So it’s gonna be all up on TV, but I’m happy to be here,” he said.


Jesse Shilling and Larry Emdur on The Chase
Unfortunately, Kyle's brother walked away without winning any cash. Photo: Seven

When asked by Larry what he was hoping to do with the money, the new dad shared the sentimental reason he was competing on the game show.

“With my son, he’s got a Māori background as well, from his mother, she’s Aboriginal and Māori. So we want a bit of money for a house, and also take him over to New Zealand so he can meet some of his family over there,” he replied.

Unfortunately, Jesse stumbled over a few questions and Chaser Mara Legions successfully chased him down.

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