Georgie Parker’s double life on All Saints: ‘It was wrenching’

Georgie Parker is one of Australia's most loved television actresses, with a career spanning over two decades.

The star, who many will recognise as Home and Away's Roo Stewart, first shot to fame while playing Terri Sullivan on popular medical drama All Saints in the late 90s, but viewers may not have been aware of the massive sacrifice she had to make to appear on the show.

Georgie Parker dressed as Roo Stewart, holding a champagne glass and wearing a dress, next to Emily Symons dressed as Marilyn Chambers in a black dress, on the set of Home and Away.
Georgie Parker is a fan favourite on Home and Away. Photo: Instagram/georgieparker

Speaking to TV Week, the star recalled having to return to the set of All Saints just 17 weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Holly.

“It was wrenching, but I knew what I’d signed on for,” she began.

“It was really hard having a newborn and going to work for 13 hours a day. Then, in your spare time, you had publicity and photo shoots.”


Georgie acknowledged that Channel Seven made the transition as easy as possible, saying that “Holly came to set sometimes. It helped me mentally with such enormous separation.”

Much of the show's success was dependent on her character and she saw her hard work and sacrifice pay off a few months later when she took home the Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television.

However, Georgie said she has always been honest with her daughter about how a creative career isn’t easy.

“It’s always been a given that it’s a tough life and, if you choose it, you have to commit to it,” she added.

Georgie Parker in a red top, standing next to Emily Symons wearing pink earrings, James Stewart in a blue shirt and Lynne McGranger in a yellow top. They are on the set of Home and Away.
Georgie Parker is close to her Home and Away co-stars. Photo: Instagram/georgieparker

The Home and Away star has also been open about her personal struggle with scoliosis. She shared her own experience with scoliosis on Instagram and encouraged others to do the same.

“My story - I was braced at 13 years old for 3 years with a Boston brace. I currently have a 77 degree curve, hence the shorter stature,” she wrote.

“I’m still relatively active but am looking at significant surgery in the future. I’m extremely fortunate that the pain is not too restrictive and I’m still quite mobile.

“It’s something that takes a lot of physio, endless heat packs and sometimes painkillers to deal with,” she finished.

Georgie Parker dressed as Roo Stewart in a long sleeved burgundy top on the set of Home and Away
Georgie has opened up about living with scoliosis. Photo: Instagram/georgieparker

Fans were quick to thank Georgie for sharing her story, with one writing: “Georgie, you are a wonderful inspiration to everyone.”

Another added, “I had surgery at 14. It is so painful! I love hearing about people who have scoliosis, thank you for putting it in the spotlight here!”

A third remarked, “So nice to read everybody else’s stories, thanks for sharing.”

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