Farmer Wants A Wife fans slam 'tacky' reunion moment: 'Driving me nuts'

Farmer Wants A Wife fans have found this season to be way more dramatic than previous seasons.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Joe and Sarah
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have slammed the reunion for constantly trying to up the drama by dragging out answers. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife fans have slammed the show's reunion episode, with many saying the editing was "appalling" and was "driving [them] nuts".

The reunion took place just one month after the show finished filming, and featured all six farmers: Joe, Tom, Dean, Dustin, Todd and Bert, with the boys revealing whether they were still together with the women they chose. Bert, who left without choosing one of his ladies, hinted that he had been speaking to Caitlin, one of his finalists, at the time of the reunion.


Fans were fuming that every time the farmers were asked if they were still with their ladies, they'd pause, and make it seem like they were going to say they were single.

"Whats with the pauses and twists?" one Facebook user wrote. "Worst season ever. Scripted and disappointing. I used to love this show. What a waste."

"Come on....just ask you still together and get this done... we don't need to see all the replays we just want to see who's still together 😝," another said.

Many fans felt that the producers tried to trick viewers into thinking the farmers had all split from their partners. Photo: Seven
Many fans felt that the producers tried to trick viewers into thinking the farmers had all split from their partners. Photo: Seven

"The show should be called a few 'Bachelor' farmers want to be 'Married at First Sight' as it's become a joke!" a third said. "It's not at all organic and disappointed."

"90 minutes of scripted, manufactured, selective post-filming reporting... why was I expecting something different 🤣," someone else wrote.

"Can I just say.... That was painful," another said, while one fan added, "The editing in this is appalling!"

"They were all told to say 'ummm' when asked if they were together. It was so obvious 🤦🏼‍♀️," another pointed out.

"So tacky and predictable, can someone please tell the producers to stop treating the viewers like idiots," yet another said. "The long pauses and pretending they're not good, then go to a commercial break, just stupid."

"Talk about dragging it out 😂," someone else said, with another writing, "Driving me nuts get to the chase for god's sake lol."

Many others begged for a more current reunion to see where the couples are now.

Farmer Dean and Teegan

Farmer Wants a Wife stars Farmer Dean and Teegan
Farmer Dean and Teegan were the first couple to leave the show. Photo: Seven

Farmer Dean was the first farmer to leave the show after finding love with Teegan early on. However, during the reunion, Dean revealed that he and Teegan had split after giving the relationship a red-hot go.

Teegan moved to the farm but struggled with being so far from her friends and family and decided to end the relationship. They remain good friends.

Farmer Tom and Sarah

Farmer Tom and Sarah
Farmer Tom and Sarah are the first couple to announce their split. Photo: Seven

Farmer Tom and Sarah were going strong at the reunion, but on Monday morning, Sarah confirmed the pair had gone their separate ways. It comes after an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle they would be the first couple to announce their split.

Taking to Instagram, she shared several snaps from her Farmer Wants A Wife journey and wrote, "I applied to FWAW with the sole intention of falling in love with Tom and I certainly surprised myself with how deeply I felt for him in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, that lifelong love that I was seeking with Tom did not turn out the way that I had hoped it would, but it's definitely a relief now to put that truth out there that Tom and I are no longer together.

"Relationships don't always work and people are not always who you think they are. I can hold the knowledge that I gave my all to the experience and our relationship during, and since, the show, and I am really proud of that."

Sounds like things didn't end on particularly good terms!

Sarah added, "To Krissy in particular - you have become one of my greatest friends, I don't know what I would have done without you. One of my kids at work recently asked if we were enemies and I just had to laugh! We were roommates, friends, competitors, confidants, hype girls and everything in between, but certainly not enemies 💛."

Krissy, Tom's runner-up, responded, "Sarah ❤️ so perfectly said! You should hold you head and heart so high chick. I couldn’t have asked to go through what we did with anyone else! I could write a novel about how incredible you are and how deserving of a big, fulling and romantic love you are but you know already! I’m proud you are standing up for what you deserve and nothing less! Bigger and wayyy better things are coming xxx."

Interesting! Tom has yet to comment on the split.

Farmer Joe and Sarah

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Joe choose Sarah
Farmer Joe and Sarah are still together. Photo: Seven

Farmer Joe and Sarah revealed that they were still together at the reunion, but admitted they'd had a rocky start to their relationship. Sarah took to Instagram last week to confirm they are still together despite the many rumours that they had split since the show's finale.

"Fun fact: My favourite movie is ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, so I wore this dress as a good omen," she wrote alongside a selfie of herself and Joe after he chose her. "Can confirm I didn’t lose the guy in 10 days 💛 (According to the rumours it was 11 😉."

Farmer Todd and Daisy

Farmer Todd and Daisy
Farmer Todd and Daisy are very much together and already thinking about marriage and kids. Photo: Seven

Farmer Todd and Daisy are already talking about marriage and are very much still together. In an interview with New Idea, Daisy said, "Hopefully in the next 12 to 18 months, we’ll start to think about marriage. There’s definitely kids in the future. We actually sat down last week and went through kids’ names - which ones we did and didn’t like!"

Todd added, "Waking up next to someone is nowhere near as lonely as what it has been. We both want to start a family. Definitely, marriage, kids, all of that’s on the cards."

Farmer Dustin and Sophie

Farmer Dustin and Sophie are still going strong! Photo: Seven
Farmer Dustin and Sophie are still going strong! Photo: Seven

Farmer Dustin and Sophie confirmed they were together during the reunion, but he admitted she'd put the breaks on a little after he moved into a very rundown property.

But if a post shared by Sophie on Monday morning is anything to go by, they are still very much in love.

Sophie shared a video of herself and Dustin during their last episode on the show where she tells him she's excited to "just see what happens" between them, which is followed by a series of snaps taken after the cameras stopped rolling.

"'Just see what happens…' ⏩ the last 6 months with you ❤️," she wrote.

Anna, Dustin's runner-up commented, "Ooh I love this 💛 so much happiness 🥹."

So sweet!

Farmer Bert

Farmer Wants a Wife's Bert
Farmer Wants a Wife's Bert is apparently still single after leaving the show. Photo: Seven

Farmer Bert famously left the show without choosing anyone, and while insiders have told Yahoo Lifestyle that he and Lauren, who left the show earlier in the season after deciding the competition was too much, have grown closer together since the show ended, Bert has remained quiet on the matter.

"You never know what’s around the next corner. Hopefully, at some point or another, I bump into that person that’s going to change my world. It’s never definitely off the table," he told New Idea. "Right now, I am pretty bogged down; but hopefully there’ll be a bit of time off later in the year and we’ll see where that goes. When the time’s right, I’m sure it’ll happen."

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