Farmer Wants A Wife Exclusive: Star's sad prediction for all the 2024 farmers

"I highly doubt anyone this season will still be with their farmer in one year."

Farmer Wants A Wife's Tom, Joe, Dustin and Bert
One Farmer Wants A Wife star has spilled some serious secrets about what's to come for the 2024 farmers. Photo: Seven

After what has been one of the most dramatic seasons of Farmer Wants A Wife ever, one unnamed participant has shared a very sad prediction for all of the 2024 farmers and their lovely ladies.

"I highly doubt anyone this season will still be with their farmer in one year," one of the ladies from this year's season tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "As the show finished with a hero's edit for most farmers, not all is what it seems - I can guarantee you that. The reunion episode was filmed months ago and there was enormous pressure to sell the happily ever after from the producers."


She adds, "The stories have changed quite a bit since the reunion. It was filmed months ago... and so audiences have to understand that the update you will get is not that accurate."

Our source reveals that "there were some genuine connections, but Farmer Dustin and Farmer Todd are the only possible chance of something working out long term."

The final seven ladies from Farmer Wants A Wife
The final seven ladies. Photo: Seven
Farmer Wants A Wife's Dustin, Bert, Todd, Joe and Tom
"Farmer Dustin and Farmer Todd are the only possible chance of something working out long term," according to our source. Photo: Seven

"However, fans didn't really agree with their choices and that kind of speculation is going to weigh heavily on their relationships," she says. "That is where I see those relationships falling over.

"Sadly, the storylines that play out on the TV get brought up time and time again, and that can be hard for a new relationship," the unnamed participant explains. "It is reopening old wounds every time a fan approaches them."

"At least those two boys [Dustin and Todd] were more genuine with their feelings. I think the competition and the experience of being on television got the better of a lot of us on the show this year. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the producers and sadly even if you think you have filmed a fairytale that hasn't always reflected correctly in the final edit," she says.

Farmer Dean and Teegan leave Farmer Wants A Wife
Farmer Dean was reportedly stitched up by leaving the show early. Photo: Seven

The reality star went on to say that they thought Farmer Dean had been stitched up by leaving the show early.

"It was clear to everyone that Farmer Dean was pressured into finishing up early and no one believes he is with Teegan," she says. "That was the biggest stitch up in reality-TV history. No one could understand why she would be keeping up appearances for the cameras."

"The reunion which was filmed a few months ago will include them both," but our source confirms "they have only been together when there are cameras".

Farmer Tom and Sarah
Our insider says that she believes Farmer Tom and Sarah will be the first couple to announce their split. Photo: Seven

Farmer Tom was also reportedly pressured into finishing early and choosing Sarah C, with our insider saying, "While they are still trying to make a go of things Sarah has been bitten by the travel bug after a planned trip to Japan shortly after filming. I think that she isn't really ready to settle down forever yet and Farmer Tom is better matched with someone a bit older than him."

She adds, "I'd say they will be the first to announce it did not work out. Maybe if he had gone to Japan with her things would be different but he is very much stationed on the farm."

Farmer Dustin, Farmer Joe and Farmer Todd
While Farmer Dustin and Sophie are reportedly 'going strong', Farmer Joe and Sarah weren't going so well. Photo: Seven

Things look slightly better for Farmer Dustin and Sophie, who our source says "are going strong".

"Soph has been able to find a new life on his farm, but the fact he was so indecisive in the final with Anna makes everyone wonder if his feelings are strong enough," she says. "Producers were asking him right up until filming the finale if he was sure who he was going to pick. That doesn't really translate into true love if you ask me."

As for Farmer Joe, she says, "He got the hero's edit this season but it hasn't been the easiest transition with his love story with Sarah."

"All the girls have kept in touch and are happily sharing their lives with each other but there is a noticeable absence from Sarah sharing her story back. I asked her directly 'what was going on?' But while she revealed she was struggling she didn't give me specifics."

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