Farmer Wants A Wife: What happened to Dean and Teegan after they left the show?

The pair left Farmer Wants A Wife very early into filming!

Farmer Wants a Wife stars Farmer Dean and Teegan
Are Farmer Wants a Wife stars Farmer Dean and Teegan still together? Photo: Seven

After Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Dean left the show early with his chosen lady, Teegan, fans have been wondering what happened between the pair after their time on the show.

After Dean sent Tiffany and Bella home, he took Teegan aside, telling her, "As soon as we locked eyes I was like, ‘whoah, she’s a stunner’, and I was so excited to meet you."

"There’s been a massive connection between you and me from day dot, really."


Teegan responded, saying the farm had felt like home every since she arrived: "I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t dreamt about our life on the farm, a future together, and bringing kids up on the farm."

"It feels like the right time to say it — Teegan, I have fallen in love with you," Dean told her. "I want this journey between me and you to start."

Dean later said, "If you looked on top of the moon, I’m on top of it right now."

He excitedly added, "The farmer has found a wife!"

So, what happened after the pair left the show? Well, according to So Dramatic! while the couple is together now, they did briefly split between now and when the show finishing filming last year.

"Once production on Dean’s farm ended, everyone left, and Teegan stayed on the farm for a few more weeks," an insider told the podcast. "They did long distance for a bit, and she moved up to Kandanga shortly after that to give things a proper shot."

Before Christmas, however, Teegan ended things with Dean, with the source adding, "They went to the Reunion together but weren’t actually together. It was super awkward."


Another insider has since spilled that the pair is "still very much together" and are currently "tackling a long-distance relationship".

"Not long after the Reunion, they reconnected and started doing long-distance again and are still taking things slow," they said.

Farmer Tom told Yahoo Lifestyle that he and the other farmers weren't exactly shocked when they found out Dean had left.

"It didn't really surprise me to be honest," he said. "From the get-go, we could all kind of see who he was the most interested in. And I wouldn't say any of us were overly shocked."

Well, there you have it, hopefully it's smooth sailing from here for the pair!

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