Farmer Wants A Wife star breaks silence on Bert's 'heartbreaking' move: 'Very unselfish'

EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Todd reveals his thoughts on Farmer Bert leaving the show.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Bert Harris
Farmer Wants A Wife's Bert Harris left the show on Tuesday night after feeling like he couldn't give the ladies all of his attention. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife star Todd Melbourne has shared his thoughts on Bert Harris' shock exit on Tuesday night, with the Queensland-based farmer deciding to send all three of his ladies home after realising he couldn't fully commit to both his work and the women.

"Coming into this experience, I was looking for someone to share my life with," Bert told the cameras on Tuesday night. "I think all the girls are wonderful, but I don’t have what it takes to be in a relationship right now. I just don’t have the emotional time to be the person that people are deserving of. That’s the reality of it."

"Goodbyes are pretty hard for me. It always hurts, but I know that deep down that it was the right choice for me to make. I was fully open to the idea of falling in love.

Farmer Wants A Wife farmers
Farmer Todd shares that he believes Farmer Bert made an 'unselfish' decision. Photo: Seven

"I guess along the way the stress of it all, the workload, everything just got too much. The farm never stops taking. There’s always more work to be done. Before I start a relationship with somebody, I want to be happy with the farm, happy with my life, and I guess happy with all of it."

Brooke, Caitlin and Karli were all left disappointed and surprised by the revelation.


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Farmer Todd shared that he felt that Bert made a "very unselfish" decision to leave the show.

"Bert's leaving is a bit of a shock, but he's doing it for the right reasons," Todd tells us. "He not 100 per cent in there, he's not giving 100 per cent, he thinks it's not fair to him or the girls or anyone. It's probably a very unselfish thing to do."

Farmer Bert looks sad
Fans were left very sad over Bert's exit from the show. Photo: Seven

Fans were left very sad over Bert's exit from the show with one Facebook user writing, "Watching Farmer Bert was heartbreaking 💔 I do hope they offer counselling for him as he just looks and sounds so sad!"

"I felt so sad and sorry for Bert!" another said.

"He looked absolutely emotionally exhausted. I wish him every happiness for the future. ❤️," a third wrote.

"I felt sorry for Bert having to tell the three girls it was over," someone else said.

"He looks emotionally drained," another said, adding, "Yet looked so happy coming in. If the producers have pushed him to this point they should be sacked and disgusted in themselves.. it might be a show but they are playing with people's lives."

It comes after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed Bert left the show as he "felt uncomfortable with his producers and their suggestions on how to handle the remaining women".

"He no longer felt like he could go on and pretend just for the show."

It was revealed that what was happening on Bert's farm was worlds away from the other farms, and it was "like they were filming a different show".

Farmer Bert with Lauren and Karli
Farmer Bert is said to end up with Lauren (left), who left the show by choice earlier in the season. Photo: Seven

An insider then revealed to us that Bert is now dating Lauren McNeil, who chose to leave the show a few weeks ago after finding the competition for his heart to be too much.

Our insider says the reason he quit might also be that "he was strong-armed into letting her go."

Our sources tell us that the pair will likely go public after the show finishes airing in late May.


"Farmer Bert is a good guy, and he will have no problems finding someone once the show finishes," confirms a close friend, who adds, "But he has gotten closer to Lauren and they have been keeping things quiet. I’d say he was fed up with production, and knew he made a mistake letting her leave and was waiting to reconnect.

"He has been in contact with some of the others but it will be Lauren that he picks moving forward. It’s not Karli Hinkley or Caitlin Crank, who many viewers will know he had been spending more on screen time with."

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