Fans slam detail in final Masked Singer reveal: 'Absolutely ridiculous'

Masked Singer fans have slammed the show over its epic grand finale, with many suspicious of Dave Hughes' last-minute guess of the winner.

After striking out with his guesses all season, Hughesy, who appeared on the guessing panel next to Abbie Chatfield, Mel B and Chrissie Swan, shocked viewers when he correctly picked the last singer to be unmasked.

Former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton revealed herself to be Mirrorball, becoming the latest singing sensation to win The Masked Singer Australia after Cody Simpson, Bonnie Anderson and Anastacia.

Dave Hughes on the guessing panel of The Masked Singer.
Dave Hughes correctly guesses Mirrorball during The Masked Singer finale. Source: Channel 10

However, fans called out the show after it aired, with many saying there was no way Hughesy could have possibly known who Melody was.

In fact, none of the panellists guessed her the whole season, with Mel B coming the closest with her guess of Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls.

After the reveal, many took to Twitter to suggest Hughesy was fed information about the winner.


"Dave Hughes knows who Melody Thornton is but the average Aussie doesn’t? Masked Singer is absolutely fixed. He picks Marilyn Monroe but manages to pick the winner? You lost me Masked Singer!" one wrote.

"After d***head guesses all season, [Dave Hughes] randomly guesses correctly on the least known Pussycat Doll. Yeah right. The public isn’t stupid," another tweeted.

"Let's be honest, Dave Hughes has no flipping idea who Melody Thornton is," a third added.

"Absolutely ridiculous. So obvious they’ve told Hughesy to say Melody Thornton. They’ve built it up for him to finally get one right," another fan claimed.

Melody Thornton in her Mirrorball costume.
Melody Thornton won this year's season of The Masked Singer. Source: Channel 10

Others suggested Hughesy was told who the winner was to guess before the big reveal.

"There is no way Hughesy knew who Melody Thornton was until he was told to say her name five minutes before they shot this," a fan commented.

"That was so off-brand you get the feeling Hughesy was fed Melody Thornton’s name so viewers have time to Google her before the final. They should have at least kept Michelle Williams in for the grand final as there’s no genuine ‘star’ left," another added,

Others were disappointed an Australian didn't win, with runner-up Snapdragon unmasked to reveal Sheldon Riley, who was a contestant on The X Factor in 2016, The Voice in both 2018 and 2019, America’s Got Talent in 2020, Eurovision - Australia Decides in 2021 and the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year.

Rooster was revealed to be actor and singer Hugh Sheridan, who came in third.

Close-up shots of Sheldon Riley and Hugh Sheridan performing on The Masked Singer.
Sheldon Riley and Hugh Sheridan came runner-up and third respectively. Source: Channel 10

"Couldn’t we let Sheldon Riley win a reality TV show finally?!" one tweeted.

The fourth season of Australia’s wildest and whackiest singing competition featured a wide variety of local and international talent, including Tori Spelling as Poodle, Michelle Williams as Microphone, Shannon Noll as Blowfly, Sam Sparro as Popcorn, Matt Preston as Gnome, Emma Watkins as Zombie, Jamie Durie as Tiger, Pia Miranda as Thong, Lisa Curry as Caterpillar and Ryan Moloney as Knight.

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