Neighbours star Ryan Moloney reveals surprising TV dream

Neighbours star Ryan Moloney has opened up about the TV show he wants to star in next while revealing some bizarre behind-the-scenes details about The Masked Singer.

Ryan spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle after he was unmasked on the celebrity singing competition on Sunday night, making him the first to be eliminated this season.

While the judging panel did not guess him correctly, with Bachelor star Nick Cummins, actor David Hasselhoff, singer Shannon Noll and former AFL player Brendan Fevola thrown into the mix, the audience decided they wanted him to be the first unmasked.

Ryan Moloney on the set of the Masked Singer.
Ryan Moloney revealed some very strange details about The Masked Singer. Source: Ten

Speaking about his nerves going on The Masked Singer, Ryan, known as Toadie in Neighbours, said he feared he couldn't sing.

"I didn't want to suck," he said. "I put in quite a bit of work sitting in the cupboard with my singing teacher over Zoom and it was a very strange experience.

"Not being a singer you don't know the proper singing techniques or mic techniques ... you get out there and sing in a mic for the first time and that sounds completely different and you have to change your singing style. Add in your earpiece and that's a very different experience again."

Ryan's next TV dream

After he was unmasked, the actor joked, "28 years on Neighbours. I tell you, this is the shortest job I've ever had".

It was his first stint on TV after the Neighbours finale aired in July.

"I thought [the finale] was fantastic. It's a pretty hard thing to wrap up 37 years of a TV show," he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I think [the writers] did an absolutely fantastic job and it was amazing all those cast members wanted to come back. And who better to wrap up the show than mummy Susan, it was the perfect way to do it."

While Ryan previously revealed he was studying civil construction, we might still get a glimpse of him on our screens in the future.

"I'm just actually going to enjoy auditioning and see what else is on the horizon," he said. "I always thought when people have left Neighbours they are going off on their adventure and this is where mine starts."

When asked what TV show he would want to go on next, he said "I should probably go on The Block".

"We're going to do our own Block very soon, tear it all down and rebuild it," he added.

Bizarre Masked Singer detail

While there are many strange elements to The Masked Singer – like performing in extravagant costumes – Ryan said the most bizarre part was getting transported to the competition.

"You get picked up by SAS servicemen and put into the back of a car. They put a hood over your head so nobody can see you, in case the paparazzi take a photo," he said.

Ryan Moloney in his Knight costume and Mel B reacting.
Mel B was shocked as Ryan Moloney was revealed. Source: Ten

"You're not allowed to talk to anyone, and can only talk to your handler and it's all pretty secret.

"You get kidnapped but in a fun way."

Ryan said he had no idea who the other contestants were, adding he could not even take a guess at who beat him.

"I’m terrible at knowing famous people, that’s not my strong point. I try to avoid me as much as possible," he joked.

The Masked Singer continues tonight at 7:30pm on Ten.

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