Masked Singer panel in shock after 'megastar' revealed: 'Icon status'

The Masked Singer panel were left baffled on Wednesday night after Poodle, an ‘international megastar’ who joined the show for one night only, was revealed to be Tori Spelling.

While Abbie Chatfield had initially guessed it was the 90210 actress under the mask during the clue package, she soon became set on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.

Masked Singer's Tori Spelling and Mel B looking shocked.
Mel B was shocked when Tori Spelling was revealed to be Poodle on The Masked Singer. Photos: Channel Ten

Chrissie Swan predicted it was Katy Perry, while Mel B was “one hundred per cent” certain it was fellow Spice Girl Emma Bunton.

“I know Baby Spice,” she said. “The way you stand, the way you sing, I know your voice and I know it’s you! You have a great, beautiful, mesmerising voice, you only wear pink, you put your hands on your hips. I know it’s you!”

Mel also tried to FaceTime Emma throughout the episode and became even more convinced when she didn’t answer.


When Tori was eventually revealed at the end of the episode, the guessing panel were in complete shock.

“Our brains are trying to compute what just happened,” Abbie remarked. “I said the name and I thought, ‘No, it couldn’t be!’ I said it so quickly that I was like, ‘No it’s not even worth investigating because, icon status!'”

“Can I just say, you had me because I thought one hundred per cent for real it was Baby Spice,” Mel added. “When you took it off and I saw that little bit of blonde hair I’m like, ‘Yes, nailed it!’.

“And now it’s you! Now Baby Spice is going to wonder why I’ve been calling her and texting her so much. I swear to god, you sound like Emma Bunton!”

Masked Singer's Dave Hughes and Chrissie Swan looking shocked.
‘Our brains are trying to compute what just happened.’ Photo: Channel Ten

‘Are you freaking kidding me?’

There were a number of clues hinting at Tori’s identity, including a flag of Victoria, references to her films Scream 2 and The House of Yes, and an image of a unicorn, which was her costume on The Masked Singer US in 2019.

A math equation on the chalkboard added up to 90,210, the misspelled words pointed to her last name, and the five puppies referred to her five children.

Fans quickly took to social media after the reveal to express both their surprise that it was Tori and their disappointment it wasn’t Emma Bunton.

“Poodle is Tori Spelling, I’m actually shocked,” one person wrote, while another added, “I did not guess Tori Spelling for Poodle”.

“OMFG are you freaking kidding me? Poodle is Tori Spelling! Great voice!” a third wrote.

“Damn, I wanted it to be Baby Spice so bad!” someone else tweeted, followed by a different user who replied, “I’m disappointed it’s not Baby Spice, what a missed opportunity”.

Masked Singer's Tori Spelling.
Dave Hughes declared that Tori was ‘the biggest name’ they’ve ever had on The Masked Singer Australia. Photo: Channel Ten

‘Stretching it’

Meanwhile, plenty of viewers disagreed with panellist Dave Hughes when he declared that Tori was “the biggest name” they’ve ever had on The Masked Singer Australia.

“Anastacia, Macy Gray and Michelle Williams may disagree,” one fan pointed out, with another writing, “Tori Spelling is not bigger than Michelle Williams, you fool”

“Almost half of them who joined on this show are more famous, bigger stars than Tori Spelling,” someone else remarked, while a fourth said, “Loved Tori like 25 years ago but stretching it to say biggest star ever”

“This is a show that’s had two Wiggles, three Eurovision acts, one Destiny’s Child, Nikki Webster, Macy Gray, Anastacia, multiple world-famous athletes, two MasterChef judges, and a Gorgi Coghlan,” one user shared. “Tori Spelling isn’t in the top ten.”

Tori was the tenth celebrity to be revealed this season, following Michelle Williams as Microphone, Shannon Noll as Blowfly, Sam Sparro as Popcorn, Matt Preston as Gnome, Emma Watkins as Zombie, Jamie Durie as Tiger, Pia Miranda as Thong, Lisa Curry as Caterpillar and Ryan Moloney as Knight.

The Masked Singer continues 7:30pm Sunday on Ten.

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