Masked Singer fans baffled after surprising celebrity reveal: ‘Awkward’

Fans of The Masked Singer were left stunned on Tuesday night when Gnome, who joined the competition for one night only, was revealed to be someone who is currently starring on a rival reality show.

Abbie Chatfield thought the mystery celebrity might have been Tim Robards, Mel B was set on Buddy Franklin and Dave Hughes predicted Goran Ivanisevic, but Chrissie Swan was correct for her third time this season after guessing Matt Preston.

The Masked Singer's Matt Preston and Mel B.
Matt Preston was revealed to be Gnome on The Masked Singer. Photos: Channel Ten

And while the TV star is a familiar face on the network, having served as a MasterChef judge for 12 years, his appearance on The Masked Singer raised plenty of eyebrows.

At the same time that he was being unmasked on Channel Ten, Matt was tasting dishes on Channel Seven in his first appearance as a judge on My Kitchen Rules.


A number of viewers took to Twitter after the reveal to express their surprise and question how the 60-year-old food critic was even allowed to appear on two different shows.

“Well this is awkward. Matt Preston was just revealed on #MaskedSingerAU while judging on #MKR,” one person tweeted.

Matt Preston on My Kitchen Rules.
The Masked Singer viewers were confused because Matt was also appearing as a judge on My Kitchen Rules at the same time. Photo: Channel Seven

‘Has that ever happened before?’

“Matt Preston on shows on Channels 7 & 10 tonight… Has that ever happened before?” another asked, while a third tweeted, “Matt Preston has master-chef-ed the art of cloning”.

“Matt Preston is proof you don’t need to be contracted to one network to be on another,” someone else shared.

“Do we reckon Matt Preston is sitting down to watch #MaskedSingerAU or #MKR tonight?” a different user wrote, with another fan joking, “Is Matt Preston going to pop up on #TheBlock tonight as well?!”.

My Kitchen Rules’ official Twitter account even poked fun at Matt’s singing debut, tweeting: “We Gnome you love @MattsCravat. He’s back on your screens for MKR!”.

The Masked Singer's Matt Preston.
Matt said that he signed up for the show because it was ‘so totally wrong’. Photo: Channel Ten

‘So totally wrong’

Chrissie Swan was also baffled at Matt Preston’s appearance on the show, admitting that she had randomly dreamt of him the previous night.

“You are psychic Chrissie, you always have been,” he replied. “The moment I heard you were judging, I knew I was in real trouble. There was no way I was going to get past you.”

The former MasterChef judge went on to say that the reason he signed on for The Masked Singer was because it was “so totally wrong”.

“I have no skill in dancing, no skill in singing. It was one of those moments where you just go, okay, I have to do this. I have to do this.”

Matt was the sixth celebrity to be revealed this season, following Emma Watkins as Zombie, Jamie Durie as Tiger, Pia Miranda as Thong, Lisa Curry as Caterpillar and Ryan Moloney as Knight.

The Masked Singer continues 7:30pm Sunday on Ten.

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