Aussie comedian's X-rated sex confession leaves wife red faced

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes has made an x-rated sex confession on radio. Photo: Hit Network.

He may host a TV show about solving people’s problems but it appears that Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes is having no problems when it comes to his sex life with his wife, Holly.

“Being a vegan or plant-based is a game-changer in the bedroom,” Hughesy boldly declared on Wednesday afternoon’s episode of his radio program, Hughesy & Ed.

“There we go. I'm claiming it!” the 49-year-old added gleefully, leaving his co-host Ed Kavalee speechless.

The funnyman and his wife of 14 years adopted a vegan diet in late 2019 after watching a documentary on Netflix.

Also lost for words was Holly, a school teacher, who had phoned in to verify her husband’s x-rated claims.

But rather than agree, the mother of three sternly pointed out that public discussions of their escapades between the sheets were strictly off-limits.

Hughesy and his wife Holly at the Melbourne Cup in 2019. Photo: Instagram/dhughesy.

“Last night do you have any recollection of me saying that is not a radio topic?” Holly asked. 

“No, I have no recollection of that,” the Hughesy We Have A Problem host responded innocently.

Holly begrudgingly admitted that their sex life had ‘maybe’ improved but reminded her loose-lipped hubby that they needed to ‘keep things vague’ because of her job.

Hughesy shared this pic in November 2019 after starting a vegan diet. Photo: Instagram/hughesyanded.

Fans of the show leapt into the comments section on Instagram, where a video of the exchange was shared, to praise Holly for being a good sport.

“Holly is a saint,” wrote one.

“Holly needs to be given an Order of Australia medal,” joked another.

Back in September, Hughesy was hospitalised after a ‘bizarre’ onstage health scare that was discovered to be a case of vertigo.

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