Masked Singer's Mel B shocked after correctly guessing Popcorn's identity

For the first time on this year’s season of The Masked Singer Australia, superstar guessing panellist Mel B correctly identified the singer behind one of the masks.

While Chrissie Swan thought that Popcorn was, Dave Hughes was certain it was Bruno Mars and Abbie Chatfield predicted Ne-Yo, Scary Spice successfully guessed Australian singer-songwriter Sam Sparro.

Masked Singer's Sam Sparro and Mel B looking shocked.
Mel B correctly guessed that Sam Sparro was Popcorn on The Masked Singer. Photos: Channel Ten

“I can’t believe I got it right,” Mel exclaimed after the Black & Gold hitmaker was revealed. “You’re amazing, Sam. You’re bloody amazing!”

Meanwhile, Sam was quick to express his love for Mel and admitted that he knew she would be the one to work out his identity.

“I used to be called a spice boy, like, my whole life,” he shared. “I honestly don’t think I would have survived high school without the Spice Girls. I’ve been to all your US tours, I went to the premiere of the movie. You’ve been a big part of my life.”


There were a number of clues pointing to Sam’s identity, including a black and gold rainbow and photos of his collaborators Kylie Minogue, Elton John and Lindsay Lohan.

“Am I an American boy?” hinted at his popular cover of the Estelle song, while the images of Paris referred to the fact that he lived in the French capital from 2010 to 2015.

Masked Singer's Sam Sparro posing next to Popcorn.
Fans online were divided over which celebrity was hidden under the Popcorn mask. Photo: Channel Ten

Social media divided

Social media users were divided over Popcorn’s identity, with viewers guessing a number of Australian celebrities.

“Could Popcorn be Rob Mills?” one person asked, followed by another who added, “My final guess for Popcorn is Anthony Callea”.

“Not watched it as closely this season but thinking maybe Jason Donovan is Popcorn,” a third wrote, while others suggested Chris Sebastian, Troye Sivan, Mark Holden and Adam Garcia.

“If I had to choose one mask to put all my money on for me to be right it will have to be Popcorn as Sam Sparro,” someone else declared. “12-year-old me did not listen to Black & Gold on repeat for nothing.”

Masked Singer's Popcorn being unmasked.
Some viewers were disappointed that Popcorn didn’t release his enormous head full of popcorn. Photo: Channel Ten

‘I feel ripped off’

Plenty of fans also expressed their disappointment that Popcorn unmasked his entire costume rather than just his enormous head full of popcorn.

“I fully expected popcorn to spill all over the floor,” one viewer tweeted, while another said, “Can’t believe they didn’t just let the popcorn pour out until it revealed Sam Sparro’s face”.

“I am disappointed at the unmasking. Not because of Sam Sparro, love that. But I wanted popcorn to go everywhere,” a different user said, with someone else writing, “I feel ripped off popcorn didn’t fly everywhere”.

Sam was the seventh celebrity to be revealed this season, following Matt Preston as Gnome, Emma Watkins as Zombie, Jamie Durie as Tiger, Pia Miranda as Thong, Lisa Curry as Caterpillar and Ryan Moloney as Knight.

The Masked Singer continues tonight at 7:30pm on Ten.

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