Dr Chris Brown weighs in on 'disappointing' change to I'm A Celebrity

Dr Chris Brown left Channel Ten for a lucrative deal with Channel Seven.

Dr Chris Brown holds a puppy
Dr Chris Brown has weighed in on one major change to I'm A Celebrity after Robert Irwin took over his role, which he finds 'disappointing'. Photo: Instagram/drchrisbrown

Dr Chris Brown has weighed in on a major change to I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! after Robert Irwin took over his gig alongside Julia Morris. Dr Chris had to leave I'm A Celebrity behind when he made the switch from Channel Ten to Channel Seven, with his new show Dream Home set to premiere this month on Seven.

While doing publicity for Dream Home on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Tuesday, Dr Chris was asked how Robert performed in his place. The vet-turned-presenter shared that he thought Robert did a "great" job but joked that he was "disappointed" by the lack of flirting between the young host and Julia.

"I thought he and Julia were great," Dr Chris said.


"Julia has changed her presentation style because she can't fawn over a sexy beast," Kyle Sandilands quipped. "It's almost like she's a mother to him now."

"Was I disappointed she didn't flirt with him? I don't know. It would be weird if I was," Dr Chris joked.

Later in the show, Chris and the hosts joked about the TV presenter's love life, with Kyle telling him he's "undateable."

"You can't be in a relationship, you've got no time!" Jackie tells him.

Robert Irwin and Julia Morris on I'm A Celebrity
Chris joked that he was "disappointed" by the lack of flirting between Robert Irwin and Julia Morris. Photo: Ten

"I'm getting my paper's stamped 'undateable'," Chris quips.

"You're worth dating, but you're too busy," Kyle adds.

"And this ['A Million Dreams' by P!nk, which is Dream Home's theme song, plays in the background] is also a metaphor for my relationships, that I could have a million dreams if I just took a step back from work. And now I've realised that there are more important things out there," he tells the hosts.

"Is this you resigning from the show before it starts?" Kyle asks, pretending to be shocked.


"I think this is the time, someone get Channel 7 on the phone," Chris jokingly responds.

"Call someone at Channel 7, Peter. We're letting them know that Chris is resigning because he wants to find love," Jackie tells the producers.

Dream Home will see six couples renovating each other's houses to create their dream houses. The winners will receive a $100,000 prize.

Later in the year, Chris will also host Dancing with the Stars with Sonia Kruger.

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