The Block's Tanya 'hangs up' on Kyle and Jackie O: 'That's not nice!'

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The Block's Tanya Guccione recently dropped out of all media interviews after confessing to taking the photo at the centre of show's biggest cheating scandal ever.

However, on Tuesday, the reality star made a surprise appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, but things appeared to end badly when she seemingly hung up on the hosts.

The Block's Tanya Guccione and Kyle Sandilands
The Block's Tanya Guccione appeared to hang up on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Tuesday morning after a 'not nice' question. Photo: Instagram

The moment came after Kyle Sandilands made fun of Tanya's trademark purple hair.

"I thought the scandal part was excellent," Kyle said. "Now, what are you going to do with that ugly hair? Are you getting rid of that purple-ness?"

"There's no need to have that - if you want to hide from the public, the first thing you do is get rid of the purple hair," he continued.


"Oh, that's not nice!" Jackie 'O' Henderson responded. "Have you got the purple hair still?"

The phone line then went silent with Kyle whispering, "She must have been offended... I think she cut out, mate."

"Yeah... her house doesn't have the best reception, one sec," a producer was then heard saying.

The Block stars Tanya and Vito
Tanya and Vito were at the centre of show's biggest cheating scandal ever after taking a photo of the production schedule. Photo: Nine

"Don't go on about her hair! She's a hairdresser," Jackie told her co-host.

However, Tanya then returned, blaming technical difficulties, "I'm back, I just lost you right at the juicy part."

Kyle then continued, saying Tanya should change her hair so she's less recognisable in public, "I said if you want to hide from the public, the first thing you do is get rid of that purple hair."

"It's true, but you know I'm not going to let them [the trolls] win," she responded.

Tanya then revealed the public actually hasn't been too hard on her since the show ended.

"You know what's really funny, we were in lockdown [and] I thought the second I leave the house, people are going to throw eggs at me," she said. "But everybody has been so kind."

Tanya and husband Vito's Block house ended up selling for $3,800,000.01, leaving them with a $400,000.01 profit, with buyer Danny Wallis' gifting the home to My Room Children's Cancer Charity, where it will be used as accommodation for children battling cancer and their families.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson
Jackie O got annoyed with Kyle, telling him he wasn't being nice when he asked the question about Tanya's hair. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O

After the show, winners of The Block, Mitch and Mark, shared a statement about Tanya, urging fans to "give her a chance".

"She made a mistake. Have you ever made a mistake & tried to cover it up, it gained momentum and before you knew, there was no way out, you’d dug such a big hole you couldn’t see any way out," they wrote.

"Imagine doing this on the biggest show on Australian television … This is what happened to Tanya."

"If you’ve ever made errors in judgement in your life that has embarrassed you, please consider what Tanya has gone thru & is dealing with before you judge her, she deserves a chance," they continued.

"We know this is difficult and we’ve had time to talk with Tanya and support her to move forward, please join us and give Tanya a chance, we all deserve it."

In the end, it was Luke and Josh Packham who finally revealed the true story behind the cheating scandal.

In their final sit-down interviews with producers before leaving their completed houses for the final time, the Love Island twins decided it was "time to share the truth", with Josh explaining it had been Tanya who took a photo, after they had seen the schedule in the production office.

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