Jackie O tears up while revealing what she misses about marriage

Jackie 'O' Henderson became emotional during an interview with Jessica Rowe on her podcast The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show, when talking about the thing she misses about being married to ex-husband Lee Henderson.

The former couple, who share daughter Kitty, 10, separated in 2018 after 15 years of marriage.

Jackie 'O' Henderson and Lee Henderson
Jackie 'O' Henderson teared up during an interview with Jessica Rowe after revealing the one thing she misses about marriage. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O Henderson

The 46-year-old hasn't publicly dated since the split, but Lee has since moved on with jujitsu instructor Gabriella Motta.

The radio presenter teared up after admitting she wanted a serious relationship and missed her "old life".

"I'd just love to sit at the dinner table with someone and have dinner. That's what I yearn for and that's the thing that I miss most about my old life," she said.


Jess said she was sending Jackie a big hug as the presenter continued, "It's a funny thing what we miss. It can be the littlest things, you know, and for me it's having that family time at the dinner table; that used to be my favourite part of the day.

"So I don't have that now and I think I will get that back, but as I said I want to wait, you know, a little bit longer. And then maybe down the track I will fall in love. That would be nice."

Jackie O and daughter Kitty
Jackie O has said she wants to stay single until Kitty is a teenager. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O
Jackie and Lee with daughter Kitty
Jackie and Lee met in 2000 and married in 2003 with the pair welcoming Kitty in 2010. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O

Earlier this year, Jackie shared that she was enjoying being single for the first time in two decades.

She revealed she had been in back-to-back relationships since she was a teenager and now wanted to focus on her daughter.

"I'm definitely not ready [to start dating again]," she told the Mediaweek podcast.

"I do worry about that: am I never going to be ready? Why am I not ready? Why after two-and-a-half years am I not even contemplating it?"

"Maybe because I've been in relationships my whole life... it's a nice time, if I'm enjoying it, then why not? My daughter is my number one priority," she said.

Jackie and Lee met in 2000 and married in 2003 with the pair welcoming Kitty in 2010.

They are on friendly terms as they co-parent their daughter.

The radio star has said she will stay single until Kitty is at least a teenager.

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