Big Brother's Reggie wants to make history: 'Everyone has to vote!'

Big Brother Royalty vs New Blood announced the show’s finalists on Monday night, in an episode packed with drama and a ‘brutal’ final challenge.

Previous winner Reggie Bird is determined to walk away with the crown, but is up against two strong contenders — the show’s ‘challenge beast’ Taras Hrubyj-Piper and superfan Johnson Ashak.

Big Brother housemate Reggie stands in between Taras and Johnson, who kiss her on both sides of her head
Big Brother housemate Reggie wants to win on Tuesday night. Photo: Seven

The star opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about wanting to make history, admits the final challenge made her cry, and teases that there may be 'friction' between housemates at the reunion on Tuesday.

‘Everybody needs to vote!’

While Reggie has a huge fanbase from her Big Brother win in 2003, she says that might not be enough to get her over the line.

“I am nervous at the moment because people need to vote,” she starts. “I don’t want them to become complacent and sit there and think, ‘Oh Reggie’s got it in the bag’, or, ‘She’s won it before, she doesn’t deserve it.’”

"To win this, again, would be making history," she says excitedly.


Going into the Big Brother house, Reggie felt like an underdog and didn’t think she could walk away with the crown for a second time — in fact, she still doesn’t.

“I’m up against two strong characters, Johnson and Taras, so I’m not feeling real confident,” she admits.

The star is desperate to provide stability for her kids, and if she wins, she will finally be able to 'put a roof over their heads.'

"I'm proud of what I've done, I did it for my kids. And everyone has to vote!" she laughs.

L: Reggie and son Lucas take a photo together. R: Mia and Reggie take a photo together
Reggie is a proud mum to Mia and Lucas, and wants to win for them. Photo: Instagram/reggiebirdbb


The star has been described as an ‘Aussie battler’, after giving all the challenges her all — even though many were difficult for her to complete.

Reggie has a degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, which has left her legally blind.

Upon seeing the final challenge, where the winner would have the power to choose the three finalists, Reggie says she burst into tears.

“That last [challenge] was the most brutal one out of them all. I remember I started crying as soon as I saw it, I was losing it,” she remembers.

“I was trying to focus and pull myself together, it was the final hurdle. I’m like, ‘How am I going to get through this?’. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it,” she tells us.

Australians watched in awe as Reggie battled through the challenge, and the star said she was honoured to be invited back despite her disability.

“I was so proud of myself, and even for Big Brother… Bringing me back regardless of my eyesight, and it was good to be able to get in there and show people that you can do this. You can do anything,” she says.

Reggie competing in the final Big Brother challenge, unlocking a pole
Reggie cried when she saw the mammoth final challenge, but still gave it her all. Photo: Seven

‘Friction with the housemates’

The final episode will be aired live from Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion on Tuesday night at 7.30pm.

Sonia Kruger will grill the final three on why they deserve to take home the crown, and all the other housemates will reunite on camera for the first time since they left the house.

Reggie teases that it might not all be smooth sailing, as the show has caused a couple of feuds in the cast.

“I reckon there’s gonna be a bit of friction there with some of the housemates,” she laughs. “Hopefully they’ll all come back together as one again, but yeah, it’s gonna be interesting for sure.”

Tim Dormer recently told us that he has been trying to fix things with Estelle Landy, and Reggie says she’s doing everything she can to help the pair.

“I’m doing the mum thing again, like I did in the house with them. When they were having a little quarrel, I’d be like…snap out of it and get their sh*t together and stop it.

“At the end of the day it was a game, and I’d hate to see them not be friends. They’re beautiful people, both of them. I’m gonna keep working my magic, and hopefully by finale they’ll be back friends,” she says.

Estelle and Reggie pose on the Logies red carpet
Reggie is eyeing up a career in the media. Photo: Getty

‘I’d love to do more TV’

The star says she was so thankful to have the chance to play Big Brother again, and wouldn’t hesitate to do another season.

Reggie even said before Big Brother Royalty vs New Blood was announced, she had been campaigning for years to do a Big Brother All Stars.

“Chuck me in the Big Brother UK when it comes on, I’d love to do more TV,” she says, adding that she ‘absolutely loves Big Brother’.

Reggie is also open to appearing on any reality shows, and rattles off a list that she’s thought about doing.

“I’d love to do Travel Guides, or Gogglebox, or MasterChef! I love cooking,” she tells us.

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