Big Brother stars open up about Taras attacking Reggie: 'Awful'

Fans of Big Brother were outraged on Sunday night after Taras Hrubyj-Piper berated former winner Reggie Bird for lying and blindsiding him.

In one of the most strategic moves of the season, Reggie finally stepped up and sent Aleisha Campbell home, after securing both Johnson Ashak and Brenton Parkes as allies to take her to the end.

L: Taras in the Big Brother eviction room with his hands on his face, looking shocked. R: Reggie explains herself to Taras.
Big Brother housemate Taras was upset after Reggie flipped on him. Photo: Seven

Yahoo Lifestyle spoke to the top four about what really happened in the eviction room that night, and Reggie reveals she was so upset she debated leaving the game.

Taras was visibly shocked when Aleisha went home, and he told Reggie that her “word means nothing,” reducing her to tears.


Housemate Johnson was Taras’ target on Sunday evening, and he said that once Reggie flipped, it was an extremely ‘tough’ night in the house.

“It was tense in that room, it was awkward. And it was like, yes, you can be angry for someone flipping on their word and telling you they’re going to do something, and they don’t do it,” he starts.

“But Taras, how many times have you done it? Can you really be that angry?” he ponders.

Reggie and Taras sit in a tense eviction room in the Big Brother house.
Reggie said she played a strategic move to help further her own game. Photo: Seven

'I wanted to leave'

Johnson says that Reggie confided in him, saying she wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay in the game after what Taras said to her.

As the king of pep talks, Johnson told her that she deserved to be there, and she only needed to fight for one more day.

Reggie also tells us that it was absolutely ‘awful’ in that eviction room, but she had to make the right decision for her game.

The previous winner believed that Aleisha wouldn’t take her to the end, but Johnson and Brenton would.

“I had to play fire with fire, and that’s what I did. I saved the best for last, and [Taras] was not a happy boy at all," Reggie tells us.

“Yeah, he made me cry big time. I wanted to leave after that. I was so upset,” she remembers.

Taras and Reggie in the Big Brother bedroom, shaking on their promise.
Reggie and Taras had made a deal to send Johnson home. Photo: Seven

'I didn't owe her anything'

Taras wants to make it clear that he was upset because Reggie had gone back on a ‘handshake deal’, which was ‘unbreakable’ for him. He believes it’s different to what he did to Tully Smyth and Estelle Landy because he hadn’t offered the pair a handshake.

“I was doing something really generous for Reggie at this point…I didn’t owe her anything. She tried to vote me out,” he adds.

“Reggie pulled one of the biggest moves, and one of the biggest lies in the game. And I got angry…it wasn’t abusive, my outburst, and it’s important to feel your emotions and to be genuine,” he finishes.

Reggie sits crying into her hand while Johnson consoles her.
Reggie was so upset after the eviction ceremony, she wanted to go home. Photo: Seven

'Angry at himself'

Housemate Brenton wasn’t in danger of going home on Sunday, and he has another perspective on why the situation played out the way it did.

“I think Taras was shocked at Reggie because she’s never been one to lie or blindside to the extent that she did,” he tells us.

“I think as much as he was angry at her, he was angry at himself because he was so shocked that someone actually got him back.”

Big Brother Royalty vs New Blood’s top three will be announced tonight, and the winner will be crowned on Tuesday night.

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