Big Brother's Tim Dormer ignites major Twitter feud: 'Cancel yourself'

The real Big Brother drama happened off-screen last night, with Estelle Landy and Tim Dormer exchanging some terse words on social media.

Fans have slammed housemate Tim for comparing Estelle to ‘Amber Heard’, saying that he needs to apologise and warning that ‘Australia will never forget’ what he’s done.

Big Brother contestant Tim Dormer twirls his hair in a black outfit, on the right Estelle Landy covers her face with her hand while wearing a green cap and white t-shirt
Big Brother housemates Tim and Estelle have engaged in a Twitter feud. Photo: Seven

The Twitter feud started while Estelle was live-tweeting about the show, which she does on a regular basis. Giving fans some behind-the-scenes information, she dropped a bombshell: “For context. You didn’t see what had been going on with Drew and I for weeks. We were not getting along because I feel like he was being particularly unkind to Lulu.

“Tully and I would also routinely cop it from Drew and Tim if they needed a punching bag.”


This comment struck a nerve, with Tim instantly tweeting a fiery message to housemate Estelle. “You are Big Brother’s Amber Heard. Cancel yourself and go away!” he wrote.

The star didn’t receive the support he may have expected, with the majority of fans tearing him apart for making the comparison between Amber and Estelle.

A screenshot of a tweet that reads: You are Big Brother's Amber Heard. Cancel yourself and go away!
Big Brother's Tim chose to tweet something quite controversial. Photo: Twitter/timdormer

“Tim, I’ve always loved you and your sass. But this ain’t it, sis. Big yikes,” one user tweeted.

“You’re the one who’s getting cancelled now Tim…Delete this tweet and apologise mate. This is not okay. Just know that if you’ve managed to be in the final three you will never win, Australia will never forget what [you] did here,” added another.

"And THIS was the moment I decided I will not be voting for Tim to win. Disgusting," an outraged fan wrote.

In reply to Tim's tweet, Estelle wrote a short but curt response, "Wow Tim. Just wow."

Estelle regularly posts on a popular Big Brother forum, and while she says she didn't want to discuss the tweet in detail, she does mention that she thinks Drew and Tim “don’t like Tully and I having an opinion.”

On the show, the feuding stars had a fight about some Head of House lollies that Drew had stolen. Estelle explained on the forum that it wasn't just the lollies that got her riled up. Instead, she believes that Tim was grandstanding to try and put a target on her back by creating a rift in the OG alliance.

Close friend and ally Tully Smyth has also backed Estelle, and tweeted a cryptic message about Tim’s strategy.

“Tim lacks the ability to see when somebody is on the edge when somebody is already very upset…he lacks the awareness to take a step back and cool it. He can’t see it. So he keeps going,” she wrote.

Estelle in an argument with her hand up, wearing a white t-shirt and hair pulled back in the Big Brother house
Estelle was riled up by Tim on the most recent episode of Big Brother. Photo: Seven

Layla described Tim as a ‘puppet master’

Estelle isn’t the first housemate to clash with Tim, after fan favourite Layla Subritzky spilled to Yahoo Lifestyle that Tim was a ‘puppet master’.

Tim had a big part in sending Layla home, with the housemate making a pact with newbie Johnson Ashak before the eviction, flipping on his ‘OG’ alliance. Layla wasn’t aware that this was happening, but she wasn't surprised.

“I knew when [Tim] gave me a hug in the eviction room. He hugged me, and he said, ‘I don’t know what happened there’. And I went, ‘You’re all sh*t.’ I knew it.

“I know exactly what your game is. You’ve got everyone, you’re a puppet master. But that’s just not who I am."

The housemate revealed that she couldn't believe Tim had blindsided her after being so vocal about the 'royalty' or 'OG' cast sticking together.

"I got in the car and I was like, how did I not see this? He didn't have any of the OG's backs, he was there for himself," Layla said.

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