Big Brother's Tim Dormer shocks fans by stripping in public: ‘OMG'

Big Brother star Tim Dormer shocked fans with a public ‘nudie swim’ on Monday, baring all as he ran into the ocean.

The media personality had promised fans that if his podcast The Big Mouth went to number one, he would strip to say thank you.

L: Big Brother housemate stands on the beach in just a towel with text reading 'It is freezing cold'. R: Tim runs away from the camera exposing his nude form from behind.
The Big Brother housemate stripped completely to thank fans for listening to his podcast. Photo: Instagram/timdormer

Tim stood on Bondi Beach in just a towel, and began his video by telling his fans how ‘freezing’ it was out there.

“I’m about to jump into the ocean in the nude, because The Big Mouth is the number one podcast in Australia thanks to you,” he told his fans.

“I’ve bared my soul, now it’s time to bare my buns. Here I go!”


Tim then dropped the towel, exposing his entire nude body from behind as he ran frantically into the ice-cold ocean.

Fellow Big Brother housemate Taras Hrubyj-Piper commented on the video, saying: “Buns of the gods”, and Trevor Butler added a string of laughing emojis.

“Oh Tim, I just love you! This is amazing, and hilarious. Here is to not giving a f**k and embracing your damn self,” a fan gushed.

“Well done you! Loved listening so far and look forward to more episodes. Hope the shrinkage wasn’t too bad,” another joked.

“OMG, that must have been freezing! Well done,” a third added.

L: A woman in black jogs past as Tim is in the background naked in the sea. R: Tim naked in the sea from behind.
As Tim was frolicking in the ocean completely nude, an oblivious woman jogged past. Photo: Instagram/timdormer

As Tim leaps into the ocean, there’s a woman dressed in black who runs past on the beach. The star referenced her in his caption, asking: “Did I nearly just run into a Karen?”

Fans found this hilarious and many couldn’t resist poking fun at the woman.

“Karen’s just running on by, living her best life,” one quipped.

“LOL the lady running past!” another wrote.

“She just power walks past acting like she didn’t see your dingle dangle,” a third joked.

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