Big Brother's Estelle on her biggest mistake: 'Let myself down'

Big Brother Royalty vs New Blood has really ramped up, as the show heads towards an epic final week. On Monday, returning housemates Estelle Landy and Reggie Bird were sent home in a snap double eviction — which turned out to be fake.

After fighting to stay in the game, Estelle lost the second chance challenge against her nemesis Taras Hrubyj-Piper and found herself being evicted once again.

Big Brother housemates Reggie Bird and Estelle Landy sit in the eviction chairs.
Big Brother housemate Estelle was sent home on Tuesday night. Photo: Seven

The star spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about how her intuition led her ‘astray', why Reggie being evicted was a ‘disaster’, and reveals who she wants to walk away with $250,000.

‘Biggest mistake’

Estelle lost the nomination challenge to Taras on Monday, which ended up being the catalyst that sent her home on Tuesday.

As the last two housemates competing, she attempted to make a deal with Taras before stepping off. There’s been debate as to whether Estelle actually threw the challenge, or if she just physically wasn’t able to continue.

“My intuition was saying trust Taras, I wanted to trust Taras, he really pulled me into trust him. And it doesn’t look like I’ve fully just stepped off, but mentally I was like, I don’t need to keep pushing. I can trust this guy,” she explains.


Reflecting on this particular moment in the game, Estelle believes this is where she ‘let herself down.’

“I carried myself going, ‘I don’t need to make deals, I would never throw a challenge’,” she says of her strategy. “My biggest mistake in the game was putting my fate in other’s hands. And it’s funny, it’s the one time I feel like I tried to use my head as well.”

Although there was always a clear divide between the newbies and OG housemates, she insists that she was open to working with anyone.

"I definitely was genuinely open at different times to working with different people. They just sometimes imploded, didn't work out or fell apart," she laughs.

Two photos of Taras and Estelle competing in the challenge where they have to hold their body weight up.
Estelle claims to have forfeited the challenge due to her trust in Taras. Photo: Seven


The star was visibly shaken when Reggie joined her in the arcade room, after the newbies had sworn they would never vote her out.

“I’m just like, what the actual F? It’s not saying these people are bad people. It’s saying that they made promises, every one of them pretty much in one way or another said they wouldn’t put a point on Reggie, that there was no way that she would ever be their target.

“To have them all flip on her and send her home straight after me, I was like, this is a disaster,” she remembers.

As one of Reggie’s biggest supporters, Estelle believes that Australia will react accordingly, and says it seems as though “Australia is upset with Reggie being evicted.”

For the newbie housemates, it might seem like a lose-lose situation: vote a beloved OG player out and be hated, or keep an OG player in and lose to them at the end.

L: Estelle and Reggie share an emotional hug in Big Brother's arcade room. R: Estelle in the arcade room
Estelle and Reggie had a tearful reunion in the arcade after their fake eviction. Photo: Seven

‘Beautiful person’

Fans have been vocal on Twitter about Reggie being clearly disadvantaged during challenges, due to her degenerative eye condition retinitis pigmentosa which means she is legally blind.

Estelle echoes this sentiment, saying that the challenges are hard in general, let alone for people with a disability or impairment.

“The challenges were hard for me, but I can’t imagine what they were like for Reggie having [her] disability.

"She’s just an honourable, amazing, inspiring human for how hard she pushed,” she gushes.

There’s no hesitation when it comes to who Estelle wants to walk away with the Big Brother prize, saying that she ‘prays to God it’s Reggie’.

“She actually is such a strong, empowering figure. And I think that needs to be championed in this society, particularly with how perfect [the] social media world is,” she says.

“Just as far as a person with a disability, I think it’s incredible what she’s done as a person as well as an advocate for those who aren’t able-bodied. There’s just so many great things about Reggie as a person and her story, I would really love her to win.”

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