Big Brother's Tim teases his next big career move: 'My dream'

Tim Dormer is one of the most memorable Big Brother housemates in history, and fans were devastated when the newbies sent him home on Wednesday night.

While Australia was hoping to see him in the top three, he tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he’s not going to be stepping out of the spotlight anytime soon.

Big Brother housemate Tim Dormer smiles while in the house wearing a white tshirt
Big Brother housemate Tim Dormer is a massive personality. Photo: Seven

His dream gig

I’m really excited that I’m doing TV again. I’ve fallen in love with it,” he starts.

“Do you know what my dream is?” he asks. “I would love to be involved with hosting Big Brother one day in Australia.

“How fun would it be to have Tim doing a bit of hosting on the side,” he exclaims.

The star laughs when he tells us that so many people have commented on his gameplay, asking if he was Big Brother with the number of big moves he’s been able to set in motion.

“If Big Brother [is] back next year, I’m going to be knocking hard on that door to get involved,” he says.


Other reality shows

The star is open to appearing on other reality shows, and says he’s a huge Survivor fan. The only problem is he has a hard slog ahead of him since everybody knows his gameplay.

“I’ve got such a big target now,” he starts. “People knowing how hard I play, that any show I’m involved with [will be tough].”

However, there are shows that audiences will never see Tim on: Dancing With The Stars or SAS Australia.

Johnson, Tim and Brenton sit in the eviction chairs in the Big Brother house
Big Brother fan-favourite Tim Dormer was evicted on Wednesday night. Photo: Seven

“I’m not a very good dancer, so I don’t think Dancing With The Stars would be [good], and SAS, I just whinge too much, far out!

“Imagine seeing me trying to do push-ups,” he quips.

International Big Brother

Tim is completely open to the idea of competing in Big Brother again, and says that “third time’s a charm.”

The housemate came third when he played in Canada, and gets excited at the thought of possibly competing in more countries.

“I’ve been such a fan from the very beginning and how the game [has] evolved as well. I’m really proud that I won the old version of the game.

“And now I’m known to be quite good at the new version of the game as well,” he says.

“If there was a chance to do another international version, I mean, UK Big Brother is back next year. Or Big Brother in the US!”

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