Big Brother fans praise Chrissie Swan and Reggie Bird's reunion: 'Iconic'

19 years after meeting on season three of Big Brother, Chrissie Swan and Reggie Bird had a sweet reunion at the Logie Awards over the weekend.

Reggie, who won the show in 2003 and returned as an OG housemate for this year’s season, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a gallery of snaps reuniting with her former runner-up.

Big Brother stars Reggie Bird and Chrissie Swan.
Big Brother stars Chrissie Swan and Reggie Bird reunited at the Logies on Sunday. Photo: Instagram/reggiebirdbb

“I was so excited seeing my 2003 housemate Chrissie Swan at the Logies,” she wrote. “It was like we’ve never been apart after not seeing each other for so many years.”

She also posted a video of their reunion inside the event where they shared a hug and Chrissie said to the camera: “Best Big Brother winner ever! The great queen Regina!”


Meanwhile, The Project host shared a photo with Reggie on her Instagram and said she had “the best night ever” running into so many familiar faces.

“I was so excited to be out of the house and seeing people I hadn’t seen in so long (too excited maybe - I didn’t sleep AND I lost my voice) and I danced and laughed and conversed and just had the time of my life,” she captioned the post.

Big Brother fans quickly took to the comments on Reggie’s post to share their excitement about their “iconic” reunion.

“Favourite two housemates! This is the friendship we all miss seeing,” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Awwww you two were my ultimate favs! Best series!”.

“The good old days when you all just had fun, laughed, cried and had wonderful friendships,” a third remarked.

“This makes my heart smile,” someone else said, while a different user replied, “Been waiting to see this”.

‘It’s really bizarre’

While attending the 62nd Logie Awards on Sunday alongside her Big Brother housemate Estelle Landy, Reggie chatted with Yahoo Lifestyle about what it would mean for her to win this year’s season of the reality TV show.

“To take it out twice would be amazing,” she said.

“There is no more deserving winner,” her co-star added. “An amazing person, an inspiration with everything she’s battled in her life and she just gets up every day. She inspired me the whole season.”

The pair also spoke candidly about how different it was filming Big Brother this time around compared to their original seasons.

“It’s totally chalk and cheese,” Estelle said. “We’re watching it with the viewers but for me, I used to feel the live audience with me each week. I could feel an energy of people following me and supporting me. Whereas this time it’s a bit more dead energy until we’re all together watching it, so it’s really bizarre.”

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