Abbie Chatfield speaks out after fans notice worrying detail in holiday snaps

One follower went so far to comment that Abbie’s post was ‘irresponsible’.

Abbie Chatfield and Adam Hyde kissing in Mexico / Adam showing off his sunburned chest standing next to Abbie.
Abbie Chatfield has left fans concerned after she posted a photo showcasing her boyfriend Adam Hyde’s sunburnt chest. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Abbie Chatfield has left fans concerned after she shared a gallery of snaps from a recent holiday in Mexico showcasing her boyfriend Adam Hyde’s sunburnt chest - two weeks after he revealed that he had been diagnosed with skin cancer. The couple revealed on her podcast It’s A Lot during their relationship hard launch earlier this month that a doctor had found a “double cancer” in his neck and he needed to have surgery to remove it.

“We think it'll be okay and it's not melanoma,” Abbie said, urging her listeners to get their skin checked.


While the FBoy Island host’s recent Instagram post includes several loved-up photos and videos of the pair kissing and enjoying their vacation, her followers expressed concern over how red Adam’s torso appears in the first snap. The image shows the Peking Duk musician wearing an open pink shirt, sunglasses and a red helmet as he flexes his bicep standing next to Abbie and a blue scooter.

“Tell that man to put some sunscreen on please,” one person wrote, while another added, “Get the man some SPF, if only for drawing inappropriate things on him”.

“OMFG I feel so sore looking at that first photo of @keliholiday,” a third shared, followed by someone else who said, “Abbie Chatfield’s boyfriend there’s nothing sexy about a tan!!!”.

“Maybe don't post the sunburnt photo. You have so many other fun holiday photos - why post the one where you're glorifying sunburn? Particularly in light of his recent skin cancer scare. Posting serious sunburn like that without some kind of acknowledgement of the dangers is irresponsible,” a different user commented.

Abbie Chatfield and Adam Hyde kissing in Mexico.
Abbie eventually asked her followers to stop commenting on her boyfriend’s sunburn so she could enjoy photos from her trip. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Abbie replied to a handful of comments explaining that Adam got sunburnt after spending the morning on the scooter and they “couldn’t help it”, however, she eventually wrote a lengthy response asking for her followers to stop pointing it out.

“If everyone could refrain from sunburn comments, I’d appreciate it!!” she wrote. “I obviously feel anxious obviously about Adam having skin cancer being taken out and he wasn’t trying to get burnt, wore sunscreen and a shirt most of the day and we sat in the shade most of the time.

“I appreciate to a lot of you it’s fun and silly or you’re trying to spread awareness to wear sunscreen, but I think it’s enough comments now for awareness and it isn’t light hearted to me unfortunately because I obviously love this man and we were obviously extremely worried about the cancer (that is now gone). It’s just making me spiral instead of enjoying photos from our trip.”

“I know all of you are well intentioned I just don’t want to be reminded of that really huge fear and lots of tears we both had.”


This isn’t the first time Abbie has had to call out certain comments from her followers after one person accused Adam of “using” her for fame. The fan commented on Abbie’s TikTok earlier this month suggesting that Adam was only dating her to further his music career as their hard launch came just over a week after the release of his new EP ‘JESTERMAN’ under his solo venture Keli Holiday.

“PR move of the century. This guy knows what he’s doing,” the user wrote. “He’s working hard to promote his new stuff.”

Abbie was quick to hit back at the unfair accusations, writing, “I was listening to his music when I was 20 years old lmao”. She also reminded fans how Adam is very much an established musician in his own right, having won multiple ARIA awards throughout his lengthy career.

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