Abbie Chatfield claps back at MAFS' Carolina in fiery podcast episode

In the latest saga of her wild feud with the cast of Married At First Sight, Abbie Chatfield has hit back at Carolina Santos after she tried to compare their reality TV experiences.

The two personalities clashed online last week after Abbie accused Carolina and her co-stars of being “jealous” of Domenica Calarco, who recently scored a new web series with Channel Nine.

Abbie Chatfield and MAFS' Carolina Santos.
Abbie Chatfield has clapped back at MAFS star Carolina Santos on her podcast. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield / carolinaschimidt

Carolina then took to her Instagram Stories to accuse Abbie of “meddling” in the situation for “exposure”, adding that she should have more empathy because of her own experience on The Bachelor.

“Wasn’t it you that also left The Bachelor copping a lot of hate and being slut shamed because of your actions or editing?” she said.


“For somebody like you who went through the same s**t that we are going through, to make such a comment that we are jealous of somebody else’s success is beyond me. You should shut your mouth and stay in your lane because MAFS drama has nothing to do with you.”

MAFS' Carolina Santos on her Instagram Stories.
Carolina accused Abbie of ‘meddling’ in the MAFS drama for ‘exposure’. Photos: Instagram/carolinaschimidt

‘Let’s be clear’

Speaking on her It’s A Lot podcast on Tuesday, Abbie clapped back at Carolina’s comments that they had a similar reality TV journey and asserted that she was “never mean to anyone”.

“Let’s be clear, I didn’t go through the same sh*t you went through,” she said “I was slut shamed for humping someone on a beach and saying, ‘I want to f**k you’.

“I am standing up for someone who was slut shamed. I went through what Dom went through, not what all of you went through.

“You are the people who made my life hell on The Bachelor and after The Bachelor, who created this weird thing that I was an awful person because I had an abortion, because I’m bisexual and I wasn’t out yet and one of them tried to force me to come out and told me that I have to tell Matt [Agnew] on my next date.”

She went on to respond to Carolina’s remark that she should stay in her lane, arguing that her job requires her to be across everything in the entertainment world.

“I’m actually paid in multiple ways to commentate on pop culture,” she shared. “On my national radio show, on my podcast. When I go on The Masked Singer I need to know things about what’s happening.

“So my lane is actually Australian pop culture.”

Abbie Chatfield on her podcast.
Abbie said that her lane is 'Australian pop culture' because of her job. Photos: Instagram/itsalotpod

How did the drama start?

Last week the official Instagram page for MAFS shared a trailer for Dom’s spin-off series, titled ‘Dom’s Debrief’, which was met with criticism from a number of season nine participants.

Carolina and Jackson Lonie commented that they had both blocked Dom’s number and therefore wouldn’t be appearing in the show, while Olivia Frazer hinted at favouritism from producers.

Olivia also called out the video for including a clip of one of her and Dom’s on-screen confrontations and therefore suggesting that she might be a part of the new show.

Abbie then jumped in and defended Dom, saying that the others were simply jealous of the opportunities she has been given post-show.

“They’re jealous and they wish their career had the same outcome as Dom’s and now they think that if they gang up on her and bully her online then they will get more attention and everyone will start to dislike Dom, but it actually has the opposite effect,” she said.

“Just try and slay in your own lane, you know? That’s my opinion.”

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