X-rated gaffe on Woolworths Valentine's Day sign turns heads

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A very unfortunate sign placement in an Adelaide Woolworths had left shoppers in stitches this week after it appeared to advertise a very bold Valentine’s Day gift.

The store in Gawler, a town just north of Adelaide, had erected the customary Valentine’s Day promo sign to herald the season of love for shoppers, not realising that Cupid’s arrow was pointing to a slightly less romantic deal on offer in the store.

Woolworths supermarket in Sydney wide view represents Adelaide supermarket X-rated Valentines Day gift
A Woolworths supermarket has accidentally advertised an eye-popping Valentine's Day gift. Photo: Getty Images

The sign was spotted next to a special on continental cucumbers, the arrow directing shoppers eyes to the $1 apiece bargain buy.

Shared by Instagram group Just Adelaide Things, social media users’ minds didn’t seem to go to the prospect of a lovely Valentine’s Day Greek salad straight away.


Photo: instagram/justadelaidethings
Photo: instagram/justadelaidethings

“The perfect Valentines Day gift does exist, and it’s just $1 at Gawler Woolworths,” the Instagram post’s caption read.

The post seemed to have social media users drawing a very different conclusion to what the store probably intended.

“How could anyone refuse?” a cucumber lover wondered.

“That's special,” another agreed.

“All the single ladies,” another cheekily noted.

“Absolute gold,” one person who saw the humour in the entire thing wrote.

“Anyone got a few spare gold coins?” one person clearly eager to pick up some ingredients wrote.

It’s not the first time a supermarket has accidentally found themselves in very adult territory with hysterical outcomes.

Last year, a Woolworths worker took to Facebook to share an X-rated fail they found while completing an online order for a customer.

The customer decided to change his name to something a little rude for his order because the website wasn't working for him and got him frustrated.

The post, which was captioned, "That’s why I pick Woolies," shows order details and has the customer details as, "C**t Hamilton," with the instructions adding, "My name is actually David, the site pissed me off."

Comments quickly flooded the post with many other Woolies workers who found the post hilarious.

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