Woolworths worker spots X-rated fail on order

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A Woolworths worker has taken to Facebook to share an X-rated fail they found while completing an online order for a customer.

The customer decided to change his name to something a little rude for his order because the website wasn't working for him and got him frustrated.

A Woolworths worker shares customer order
A Woolworths worker has shared the X-rated find he made while going through a customer order. Photo: Facebook

The post, which was captioned, "Thats why I pick woolies," shows order details and has the customer details as, "C**t Hamilton," with the instructions adding, "My name is actually David, the site pissed me off."

Comments quickly flooded the post with many other Woolies workers who found the post hilarious.

One user joked, "I've never related to anything more," another added, "F**k me that is gold!!"


Someone else said they wished they could put the name over the PA, another said they'd like to slip the customer something for free

"This is a whole mood," one added, while someone else joked, "Wait isn’t that the first name of every customer?"

"Omg [I'd] actually die if I went to the front end & they were like can you go grab this order."

Aldi's X-rated Special Buy

A photo of an Aldi stool went viral due to its X-rate name: Blow job stool. Photo: Facebook
A photo of an Aldi stool went viral due to its X-rate name: Blow job stool. Photo: Facebook

It comes after an image of an eyebrow-raising Aldi Special Buy left the internet gobsmacked on Wednesday after it appeared to sport a very naughty name.

A snap of a foot stool for sale in an Aldi Special Buy aisle went viral after onlookers spotted its very unusual name – the ‘blow job stool’.

The outrageous item initially prompted no response from Aldi, allowing the internet’s imagination to run wild, though the supermarket is now saying the image is a fake.

In disappointing news for thousands clamouring to get their hands on their very own stools, Aldi says there is no such item stocked in any of its international stores and says the image has been photoshopped.

Originally shared to a fan Facebook page, the original poster insists the photo was sent to them by a family member living in Spain.

The shop signs themselves are in English making the original photo unlikely to have been snapped in Spain as initially claimed, though whether the gag was a case of incognito in-person sign tampering or online wizardry is unclear.

In-person or online, Aldi insists they have never stocked any ‘blow job stools’, and we’re guessing they are not planning to in the future.

It seems the item in question is likely the Square Grey Short Faux Fur Stool sold by the store’s UK branch this year for a very reasonable £14.99.

The stool is marketed as a piece that will ‘add a touch of glamour to your room while also giving you a cosy place to rest’, though clearly, shoppers are more than willing to get creative with the chic item.

With additional reporting by Penny Burfitt.

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