Can you spot the 'hilarious' hidden detail in this school lunchbox?

It’s back to school time and parents across the country are packing up the school bags, sending off their little ones and in many cases breathing a tiny sigh of relief that the summer break is done.

With the new term comes new challenges, however, and everyone knows nothing is more political, or potentially as panic-inducing as the school lunchbox.

Children at modern school facility
Sending the kids back to school can come with complications. Photo: Getty Images

Usually when the dreaded lunchbox makes headlines it’s because of a debate over how much food you should provide, or a pile-on on unhealthy foods, but this week a lunchbox addition turned heads for an entirely different reason altogether.

This photo at first seems to be a run of the mill primary school kid’s lunch, but look a little closer and you may spot a very unusual addition.

Lunchbox with alcohol hidden in joke parenting
What look like two normal lunchboxes are actually hiding a hilarious surprise. Photo: Supplied

Yep, no poppers for these kids, it looks like one parent either mixed up the lunch bags or decided to pack a surprise for the teacher – each lunchbox includes a small bottle of alcohol, the tequila even accompanied by a helpful slice of lime.

Of course, the photo was all one big joke, shared by NSW woman Rosanna Mezzatesta to the Lunchbox Mums Facebook group where it prompted an outpouring of hilarity and went somewhat viral, attracting 2000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Image of small tequila vodka bottles lunchbox gag
A closer glance revealed a very special treat packed in. Photo: Supplied

Many reported they had to triple check before they spotted what was amiss.

“This took me so much longer than it should've to realise what was wrong,” one mum admitted.

“I didn’t even see those bottles till I looked really well,” another said.

“Omg I had to look twice,” a third agreed.

Rosanna tells Yahoo Lifestyle she was looking to give mums a giggle on the first week back at school, and came up with the idea while shopping in Woolies after she signed up to the Facebook group.

“A few days later, I was in Woolies and saw the lunch boxes and thought it would be funny to post on the page with seemingly real lunches, but one sneaky thing in there,” she says. “I bought them and pitched the idea to my partner then settled on the little bottles. I made the lunches and posted the picture...”

Photo of rosanna alcohol lunchbox trick
Rosanna was delighted with the good-natured responses to her snap. Photo: Supplied

Those that managed to spot the hidden details became instant fans of the clever trick.

“Can you be my mum?” one person asked.

“This is disgraceful parenting...” another began, before adding: “You didn't even give one a mixer.”

“You win the internet,” another declared.


Rosanna had no idea that the photo would be such a hit with mums and was happy that instead of anyone taking the joke too seriously, it gave everyone a good laugh.

“We were expecting a bunch of Karen's to be outraged, but instead people seemed to really like it!” she says.

If you’re in the market for a lunchbox for your kiddies, Rosanna grabbed her basic plastic number from Woolworths, but for an option that will keep lunches (and whatever is included inside them) cool, an insulated lunchbox is all the rage.

Here are some great budget options from big name brands and Kmart currently online:

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Thermos Soft Fun Faces Lunch Kit - $9.95. Photo: Supplied
Thermos Soft Fun Faces Lunch Kit - $9.95. Photo: Supplied

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Anko by Kmart 2-Piece Leopard Lunch Case & Bottle Set - $10

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