Woolworths worker shares 'must try' $4 home brand item

Penny Burfitt
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A Woolies worker has generously shared his insider tips and secrets with the online world, giving consumers a peek at products they ‘have to try’.

His latest secret has the internet absolutely drooling after he brought a very cheap, and very delicious dessert lurking deep in the freezer section to the attention of the wider public.

Images of Woolworths home brand Belgian Chocolate Lava Cake
The home brand Belgian Chocolate Lava Cake is having a viral moment thanks to a celebratory TikTok video. Photo: TikTok/ashe_media

Taking to TikTok, Woolies cashier Liam, who goes by Ashe_Media online shared revealed that a $4 pack of Belgian Chocolate lava cakes was his top pick when it comes to scrumptious desserts, and he had the footage to back up his claim.

“So in the freezer section for $4 you can get Belgium Chocolate Lava Cakes and they’re really nice,” Liam said with excitement.

“You put it in the microwave for 30 seconds on the side of the plate – oh look at it cook, it’s so beautiful.”

Woolies worker eats belgian chocolate lava cake, satisfied expression
Liam's reaction mirrored most of the comments on the illuminating video. Photo: TikTok/ashe_media

Sharing his preparation, consisting of whacking it in the microwave and lathering it in cream, his visceral reaction to the gooey, chocolatey goodness is enough to convert even the most hardened dessert skipper among us.

The video has been viewed almost 106,000 times and attracted hundreds of starry-eyed comments.


Hundreds react to ‘heavenly’ Woolies chocolate dessert

Many could only agree with Liam’s assessment of the dessert.

“These are so addictive,” anther agreed.

“The lava cake is the definition of heaven!” another agreed “That’s why I pick Woolies lol.”

Some had no idea they even existed and were delighted at the insider scoop.

“I work at Woolies and I’ve never seen this!!!!!!” a fellow employee wrote. “Where abouts do you find them!!! They look so good.”

Victorians were glad for a tiny silver lining to enjoy during their second lockdown.

“This is gonna get me through lockdown 2.0,” one woman wrote.

Others couldn’t wait to get their mitts on the budget treat.

“I’m so hungry watching this,” one woman reported.

“Umm we all need this [right now],” another agreed.

“I can smell it through the screen,” another shared.

It’s not the first time a worker has given the public a sneak peek into the secrets behind the scenes.

Last year it was an anonymous Aldi employee who let shoppers in on the secret that checkout staff at the popular budget supermarket are timed at their checkouts, explaining why they notoriously fire groceries down the line at breakneck speed.

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