X-rated detail on Woolies buy shocks shoppers

A very naughty detail on a piece of fruit purchased at a local Woolworths supermarket is tickling plenty of funny bones online, after a photo of the fresh produce went viral.

Mum, Della Milligan, was doing the weekly shop at her local Woolworths in Queensland’s Albany Creek, when she stumbled upon a tomato with a little bit extra to offer in the fresh produce section.

Woolworths supermarket
A Woolies buy has left shopper in stitches over a very naughty detail. Photo: Getty Images

The tomato in question is a perfect specimen with an extra growth spurt giving the buyer added bang for their buck.

A long, cylindrical...er... arm seems to be growing out of the tomato’s side giving it a very distinct look that’s being compared to a variety of body parts. An elephant’s trunk, for example.


The very earthy fruit caught Della’s eye, and soon the eyes of thousands online, after a snap of its well-endowed extra limb went viral in a mum’s Facebook group.

It seems the ladies aren’t afraid to bring the bedroom chat into the kitchen, with several eye-popping observations sparking hilarity, and doubtlessly a few disapproving tsks.

Phallic tomato X-rated detail
The very naughty-looking tomato has caused quite a stir online. Photo: Supplied

“Doctor said I need to eat more fruit, this one comes with extra zing,” Della caption a snap of the bold tomato.

Some more modest ladies compared the fruit to Pinnochio’s famously long nose.

“Looks like it told a lie,” one wrote.

Others were a tad more unambiguous in their reactions, unable to look past the fruit’s very phallic extension.

“Looks excited to see you,” one person wrote.

“It’s a boy,” another declared.

“Extra vitamin D,” one very cheeky observer commented.

“Should have come with batteries too!” an enterprising individual shared.

It’s not the first time a buy from a popular retailer has turned heads for all the wrong reasons, though in this case, the natural aberration was in fairness out of Woolies’ hands.

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