Woolworths shopper's incredible 'KFC' cake hack using $6 item: 'Unreal'

People could not believe how realistic the cake looked.

A Woolworths shopper has wowed people online after she shared photos of a realistic KFC cake she made with the supermarket's popular $5.75 mud cake.

Photos shared on Facebook show what looks like fried chicken in a KFC bucket, chips, popcorn chicken and potato in gravy, all made with edible items.

"KFC cake hack using Woolworths caramel mud cakes, Caramilk chocolate and cornflakes," she explained in her post.

"Chips are Madeira cake, and potato and gravy is whipped cream with caramel sauce."

She added she had just asked KFC for their packaging so she could present the cake as a fast food meal.

A Woolworths mud cake transformed into another cake replicating a KFC meal.
The woman was praised for her Woolworths mud cake hack. Source: Facebook

People could not believe how realistic the cake looked to a KFC meal, with many flocking to the comments to praise the woman for her creation, with one saying it was "unreal".

"Wow, how clever," one wrote.

"This is amazing," another said.

"I had to look twice as it looks so real!" a third added.

"Pure genius! I love this," a fan of the cake commented.


There have been plenty of Woolworths Mud Cake ‘hacks’ over the years, and an Aussie cake decorator was praised for her new innovative design last July.

Using just one Woolworths chocolate mud cake, a bag of M&Ms and some marshmallows, the woman created a beautiful rainbow cake.

A Woolworths mud cake decorated as a rainbow.
The Aussie cake decorator created this beautiful rainbow with a Woolworths mud cake. Source: Instagram/tigga_mac

The baker started with one simple mud cake, and cut it into two pieces. Then, she placed the two pieces together with the chocolate icing on the inside to make a semi-circle shape.

After that, she covered the cake with icing and told followers that it doesn’t have to be neat at all.


“I then grabbed a bag of family-sized M&Ms, and then I just covered the entire cake," she said.

“I was going for a rainbow effect, so I put them in the order of red, orange, yellow, green and blue, and I literally just continued it over the entire thing until it looked like that,” she explained.

Using a bag of marshmallows, she then placed them on the edge of the cake to imitate fluffy clouds.

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