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Red Rooster releases twist on famous menu item

A sweet kick to the signature snack.

It's the Red Rooster addition you didn't even know you wanted. Reds Hot Honey Fried Chicken is the perfect twist on the famous Red Rooster crunchy fried chicken. Already much-loved in its original crunchy or peppery spicy version, now there's a sweet kick to the recipe.

Full of flavour, Reds Hot Honey is Red Rooster's signature crunchy fried chicken coated in a glossy hot honey sauce that takes it to the next level. Every single piece is coated and cooked to crunchy perfection. Sweet and slightly spicy, it packs a serious punch.

Red Rooster Reds Hot Honey Fried Chicken
Reds Hot Honey Fried Chicken is a limited-edition item on Red Rooster menus from February. Photo: Red Rooster

Get in early

The sweet and spicy treat is available for a limited time from February 1, and will be available nationally at drive-thru, dine in, takeaway and delivery. If you can't wait to munch on the new menu item, you'll be able to order it exclusively from Uber Eats between Wednesday 25 January and Tuesday 31 January.


Reds Hot Honey Fried Chicken is available in the following deals:

  • Single, 6, 12 or 18 piece packs.

  • Combo (with Reg Chips and 375ml Drink).

  • 3-piece Satisfryer pack (with Small Chips, Reg Mash and Gravy, 1 Pineapple Fritter and 375ml Drink).

  • Hot Honey Fried Chicken Pack (8 pieces, Large Crunchy Slaw, Large Mash and Gravy and 1.25L Drink).

If you like your chicken with spice, crunch and flavour, you can't go past Reds Hot Honey Fried Chicken. Sweetening the deal even more, Red Rooster uses 100% Aussie chicken that's fresh not frozen, delivered and prepared daily in your local restaurant by a trained crew, making it unlike any other fried chicken around right now.

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