Woolworths shoppers in a frenzy over 'amazing' special edition mudcake

Woolworths Chocolate Mudcake fans have gone into a sugar-induced frenzy over the supermarket's "magic" special edition of its iconic dessert.

From Wednesday, June 1, Woolies shoppers will be able to get their hands on the Rocky Road Mudcake, which will be available in stores across Australia for a limited time only.

Priced from $5.50, the Rocky Road Mudcake features raspberry-flavoured chocolate and is topped with pink marshmallows and shredded coconut – it's the stuff of dreams.

Woolworths TikTok unveiling Rocky Road Mudcake
Available from $5.50, the Rocky Road Mudcake will be available in Woolworths stores across the country for a limited time only. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au

"We know our customers look forward to the limited edition mudcake flavours we sell every year and this time, we wanted to create something exciting that combines our popular mudcake with a much loved Aussie treat," said Woolworths Category Manager for Bakery, Chris Chase.

The result?

According to Mr Chase, it's "a decadent mudcake that has sentimental meaning to Australian households" combined with a flavour that is reminiscent of a Rocky Road dessert.

Woolworths' Rocky Road Mudcake is the latest in a line-up of "insane" special edition varieties from years past, including the Caramelised White Choc, Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Orange mudcakes.

Woolies' resident celebrity Liam Kirley unveiled the supermarket's ambitious mudcake in a TikTok video on Wednesday, which has already amassed 549,900 views and over 63,000 likes from fans.

"If you like rocky and you like road, then you'll love this mudcake. Only for a limited time. Now, look how satisfying it is," says Liam, as he slices into the cake in the video.


'I just died and came back to life'

Mudcake fans were suitably excited about the release of the latest edition, with dozens commenting they were "heading straight to the shops".

"This is something I didn’t know I needed," wrote one shopper.

"I need to try this in my lifetime! If the OG mudcake is good, then this is too!" wrote a second.

While a third person wrote, dramatically: "I just died and came back to life and now know my life mission is to eat this cake."

Others revealed they had already sampled the rocky road cake and couldn't recommend it highly enough.

"I had it last night and it's the best thing I've ever had. AMAZING!" said one woman.

Woolworths fan reviews Rocky Road Mudcake on TikTok
One Woolworths fan awarded the special edition mudcake a rating of 14 out of 10. Source: TikTok/@nickvavitis

Rocky Road Mudcake awarded 14 out of 10 by Woolies fan

Meanwhile, another keen Woolworths shopper echoed the positive sentiments with his review of the new dessert on his own TikTok channel.

"What a time to be alive," says TikToker @nickvavitis in the video.

"We already know the Woolworths chocolate mudcake is literally the most iconic thing ever. We've had the caramel one, now we have Rocky Road - look at that," he says.

After biting straight into the cake, the Woolies shopper comments: "Ooooh yeah, oooh yeah, that is good rocky road."

He adds: "Guys, Woolies are geniuses. For $5.50, they have nailed rocky road. This is good.”

"Woolies cake is magic," he concludes, before awarding the cake a rating of 14 out of 10.

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