Woolworths shoppers lose it over little-known chicken platter deal: 'Amazing value'

These days, $25 doesn't get you much, especially when feeding a crowd. So it's no surprise Woolworths customers are completely losing it over the supermarket's new sharing platter.

The deal includes two hot barbecue chickens, 12 white bread rolls, a 400g pack of Woolworths Coleslaw and a 400g pack of Woolworths Pasta Salad all for just $25 and is enough to feed five to 12 people.

After discovering the bargain, one shopper said she had her Christmas lunch sorted with minimal effort and cost. "So that's one easy Christmas for me this year. I'll just add a little bit of seafood and won't need to spend the day before Christmas or Christmas Day stuck in the kitchen," she wrote in the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group.

Woolworths chicken platter deal
The Woolworths chicken platter deal is quickly becoming a go-to for Christmas lunch. Photo: Woolworths

'I had no idea this existed'

The woman's post was quickly flooded with more than 400 comments from bargain hunters saying they'd only just heard of the deli deal. "Thank you for posting this!! Off I go to order one!" one group member wrote, while another commented "OMG thank you!! I just ordered four platters for a party I have to cater Saturday, saved me so much time and so cheap!!"


Others could hardly believe the incredible value of the deal, which caters up to 12 people for just under $2.08 per head. If you were to buy everything separately it would set you back $38, which is a saving of $13 per platter. "What a great buy!" one shopper commented.

Woolworths roast chicken
The deal, which includes two classic Woolworths Country Style Hot Roast Chickens, is available all year round. Source: Woolworths.

Not just for Christmas

Those who had no idea about the deal thought it was just a Christmas special, but it's actually available to shoppers all year round. It just needs to be ordered in store at least 48 hours in advance. The popular deal is available in all stores, depending on stock levels.

While many had never heard of the deal, some Woolies customers said they'd been taking advantage of it for years. "We got one last summer... They are great for picnics," one person wrote. "I have been getting this for the last couple of years, it's so easy," another commented, and a third added, "We've got this a couple of times - amazing value."

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