Woolworths' controversial hot cross bun act stuns: ‘Are you kidding?’

Hot cross buns will be hitting shelves across the country today.

Christmas Day is over and now Woolworths has announced hot cross buns will be hitting its shelves today ahead of Easter.

Despite the holiday being more than three months away, Woolworths said it will be bringing back hot cross buns with Cadbury Caramilk chips, sold exclusively at Woolworths supermarkets and Metro stores across the country, from Boxing Day.

Woolworths said in a statement the flavour of hot cross buns was being made in a larger quantity so more Aussies can get their hands on the four-packs sold for $5.

A Woolworths store (left) and a shelf of hot cross buns (right).
Woolworths announced it would start selling hot cross buns on Boxing Day. Source: Getty/Reddit

Also landing in stores are the Cadbury chocolate chip brioche hot cross buns and the luxurious fruit hot cross buns with soaked vine fruit, candied orange and cranberries.

The apple and cinnamon hot cross buns will also make a return as well as the Free From Gluten buns so everybody can indulge.


“Our teams across the country are baking up a storm to bring Aussies the best innovation, quality and value that Woolworths has to offer this Easter," Woolworths merchandise manager Donald Keith said in a statement.

“We sold more than 1.8 million individual hot cross buns the first week they were on sale last year, and we anticipate the same as customers look to close off 2022 with a delicious and favourite treat.

“Partnering with Cadbury to bring back the highly anticipated Indulgent Hot Cross Buns featuring the delicious Cadbury Caramilk was an easy decision. Given the feedback from customers last Easter, we are confident these decadent buns will be popular once again.”

Shoppers react to hot cross buns announcement

Some shoppers however were unhappy hot cross buns were hitting shelves so early.

"I had to go into our local Woolworths store earlier to get some dinner and what did a customer ask the check-out girl ... 'Will hot cross buns be available on Boxing Day?'" one said.

"I'm thinking, 'Are you kidding me, this must be a piss take?' Take hot cross buns and shove it until Good Friday."

Another said on Twitter: "Does that really surprise you? Woolies/Coles are selling Easter hot cross buns all year round ... greedy."

While Woolworths officially announced the return of the Easter treat on Monday, Yahoo Lifestyle reported hot cross buns were spotted in a Sydney store on Christmas Eve.

A shelf of Easter eggs are seen next to a BIG W store.
BIG W was slammed for selling Easter eggs. Source: Facebook/Markdown Addicts

BIG W is also wasting no time getting ready for Easter, with the department store slammed after Easter eggs were spotted on shelves before Christmas.

A shopper posted a snap of the display on a popular Facebook group, saying that it was a “monstrosity” to see the holiday chocolate on sale so early.

In the photo, there are two large Ferrero Rocher displays holding numerous bags of Easter eggs and a slogan that reads: “Say it with gold this Easter”.

The controversial BIG W decision ruffled some feathers, with many group members outraged by the chocolate eggs being sold so long before Easter.


“I don’t know why but this makes me really angry,” one person commented.

A BIG W spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that releasing Easter products early can help their customers.

"At BIG W we know our customers like to plan their shops ahead. Providing customers with a selection of Easter products early allows them time to spread out their spending over a few months or the opportunity to enjoy a few favourites in the lead-up," they explained.

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