The Morning Show hosts in stitches over major fail live on-air: 'Very hard'

Kylie Gillies burst into laughter following the mishap.

The Morning Show host Kylie Gillies couldn’t stop laughing during Thursday’s show after her colleague experienced technical difficulties live on-air.

Sally Bowrey’s microphone stopped working during her news bulletin, so Kylie and her co-host Larry Emdur stood next to her chair as she finished the segment speaking directly into their lapels.

The Morning Show’s Sally Bowrey speaking into Larry Emdur’s microphone.
The Morning Show’s Sally Bowrey had to speak into Larry Emdur’s microphone because hers had stopped working. Photos: Channel Seven

She explained the situation to viewers after the broadcast switched from the weather map to show the trio awkwardly standing together in the studio.

“Apologies guys,” she laughed as Kylie quickly tried to duck out of frame. “I’ve done the whole bulletin like this because my mike seemed to have failed. But thank you, Larry.”

“We are the wind beneath your wings,” Larry replied. “Have you got anything to say before I take the microphone back to the stool?”

“Thanks for having me, everyone,” Sally said, before she burst into laughter and covered her face.


“I was there for you too, but I thought I’d be professional and try and duck back out of the shot before it came back,” Kylie explained.

Sally, who was still without a microphone, then shouted that it was “very hard not to laugh” during the bulletin.

“Australia’s top-rating morning show,” Larry remarked.

Kylie's birthday surprise goes wrong

The hilarious incident comes one week after Larry organised a sweet on-air celebration for Kylie’s birthday, bringing out a cake and colourful balloons.

However, the surprise didn’t quite go to plan as the duo’s shared teleprompter ruined the well-kept secret.

Larry spoke candidly with viewers in the final segment of the breakfast show and admitted things hadn’t worked out how he had hoped.


“You know, sometimes we try and do a big surprise here, and then next minute the script comes up on the autocue,” he joked, pointing out that the text said ‘Kylie cake’.

Kylie then feigned surprise as the crew wheeled in a two-tiered butterfly cake and brought out a large bouquet of flowers and balloons.

“Happy happy birthday Kylie Gillies!” Larry exclaimed. “Bring out the cake, bring the flowers, bring the balloons, bring the champagne!”

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