Today's Karl Stefanovic and Sunrise's Nat Barr 'clash' on-air: 'I hate you'

The TV rivals went head-to-head during a radio segment.

Breakfast TV competitors Karl Stefanovic and Natalie Barr had a hilarious encounter on Nova’s Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel on Thursday where they poked fun at their long-standing ‘rivalry’.

The Today host, who has been filling in for Joel Creasey while he’s commentating the Eurovision Song Contest in the UK, went head-to-head with the Sunrise host on Thursday during a game of Quick Draw.

Today’s Karl Stefanovic and Sunrise’s Natalie Barr on Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel.
Today’s Karl Stefanovic and Sunrise’s Natalie Barr poked fun at their breakfast TV rivalry. Photos: Nova

When asked what it was like being in the same room as her “opposition”, Nat jokingly pretended she didn’t know who Karl was.

“What’s your name again?” she quipped.

“It’s not easy looking at each other and being such fierce competitors,” he remarked. “Look at the daggers.”


The Channel Seven star then shut down speculation there was a ‘TV war’ between them and said “we actually don’t mind each other”.

“That’s not true,” Karl responded.

“You hate me?” Nat asked, to which he joked, “Yeah, I do.”

“Okay, I hate you more,” she replied.

“Well, you’re successful, and I’m not,” Karl conceded. “So there.”

Today’s Karl Stefanovic, Tim Blackwell, Sunrise’s Natalie Barr and Ricki-Lee Coulter.
Nat and Karl jokingly said they ‘hate’ each other. Photo: Nova

During the radio segment, the two hosts spoke about King Charles’ coronation and bonded over their shared dislike for Queen Consort, Camilla.

“I'm having trouble with Camilla wearing the crown because so many of us love Diana, that’s all,” Nat said.

When asked why no one from Today had flown over to London to cover the major event, Karl explained they had decided “no one was that interested in Charles”.


“I’m very like you Nat, I'm very anti-Priscilla,” he said, accidentally getting her name wrong. “What's her name? Priscilla, queen of the desert, Camilla.”

Nat ended up winning the game of Quick Draw, although hosts Ricki-Lee Coulter and Tim Blackwell questioned if Karl was even trying.

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