The Morning Show's Larry Emdur stunned by on-air slip: 'Can you not?'

The Morning Show host Larry Emdur was left in shock on Thursday morning after his co-host appeared to make an awkward slip live on-air.

Larry and Sally Bowrey were presenting a segment about the $50 million California mansion where Harry and Meghan filmed their Netflix documentary being listed for sale when Sally had the embarrassing mishap.

"It's misleading, I feel like s*** why would she just be sitting in a random person's house?" Sally said during the live segment.

Larry paused and looked at his co-host stunned before asking her, "Did you just swear?".

A confused Sally then responded, "Sorry?", before Larry asked producers and crew if she just swore live on-air. They could all be heard saying she did.

Larry Emdur and Sally Bowrey look stunned while presenting The Morning Show.
Larry Emdur called out Sally Bowrey after it sounded like she said 's***' live on-air. Source: Instagram

"Can you not do that?" Larry then says to Sally.

"I didn't swear," she hit back defensively.

"This is a very respectable program and you just swore," Larry told his co-host.

Sally continued to defend her actions and said, "Misleading, I said misleading".


Larry however was in disbelief and doubted his co-star's claims she didn't swear.

"After the lawyers are finished with it, we’re going to run that back. It sounded like you swore to me," he said.

The Morning Show also shared the awkward slip-up on its Instagram account with the caption: "Besmirching the ears of Larry Emdur and our viewers."

Fans quickly flocked to the comments to weigh in on whether she swore on-air or not.

"Sally did, it just rolled off the tongue," a viewer claimed.

"Sounded like 's***' to me but if it gets Sally in trouble, then nope it wasn't," another said.

"Sally so did," a third said.

Others however defended the star and claimed she didn't swear live on-air.

"That wasn’t a 's***', that was 'sh-' beginning to say SHE," a fan commented.

"Sally Bowrey did nothing wrong! It was a 'She'! A SHEEEEE," another weighed in.

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