The Masked Singer's Osher Günsberg snaps at Abbie Chatfield: 'How dare you'

Osher wasn't impressed by Abbie's comment about Miranda Kerr.

The Masked Singer’s panel of judges had a hilarious exchange during Monday night’s episode when trying to work out the identity of Fawn.

While the contestant was revealed to be none other than 10 News First presenter Sandra Sully at the end of the episode, Chrissie Swan was originally convinced it was fashion entrepreneur Pip Edwards.

 The Masked Singer’s Abbie Chatfield / Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes.
The Masked Singer’s Abbie Chatfield criticised Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes for bringing up Michael Clarke when discussing Pip Edwards’ career success. Photos: Channel 10

Fellow panellist Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes followed up Chrissie’s guess by pointing out that the sporting reference in Fawn’s clue package might have been in reference to Pip’s ex-boyfriend, cricket star Michael Clarke.

However, Abbie Chatfield was quick to shut Hughesy down and criticise him for bringing up Pip’s former partner.

“She has her own sporting reference in her own right by owning a fitness brand,” she said. “We don’t always need to men to validate women’s accomplishments.”

“Yes, well said!” Mel B said as the audience applauded Abbie’s remark.


Almost immediately after calling Hughesy out, however, Abbie appeared to contradict herself when Mel B guessed Fawn was Miranda Kerr thanks to some model-related clues in the package.

“But she actually doesn’t currently live her life that way,” Abbie said. “She currently lives on a bloody farm with a billionaire living the dream.”

“But she’s still a model,” Mel B countered.

Host Osher Günsberg then chimed in and said: “Excuse me, Abbie, she’s a businesswoman with her own empire. Come on, you don’t have to associate her with the man she is married to. How dare you!”

“Osher, I’ve never loved you more than this moment,” Abbie replied. “Thank you so much.”

The Masked Singer’s Osher Günsberg / Abbie Chatfield.
Osher Günsberg jokingly called out Abbie for mentioning Miranda Kerr’s husband. Photos: Channel 10

Fawn's identity revealed

After locking in their guesses, the panel were shocked when Fawn was revealed to be journalist Sandra Sully.

Following her unmasking, Sandra said: “I read the news every night and tragedy happens all the time, really heavy stuff, but you do only live once. Life is short - don’t live a life of regret.”


She then confessed to Hughesy that she had actually been rehearsing for her time on the show in his neighbour’s apartment.

“[I was] hoping like heck that I wasn’t going to run into you, or that you would hear me!” she said.

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