Masked Singer: Brian Austin Green on the one thing he can't stand about Australia

EXCLUSIVE: 90210 star Brian Austin Green is baffled by one Aussie trait and it's something his partner Sharna Burgess loves.

The Masked Singer premiere saw the shocking unmasking of Hollywood heartthrob Brian Austin Green, who was dressed up as a Crash Test Dummy.

Known for his role as David Silver in the iconic '90s series 90210, as well as starring in Desperate Housewives, Anger Management, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Hollywood star and ex-husband of Megan Fox is now happily partnered up with Aussie dancer Sharna Burgess, known for her appearances as both a dancer and judge on Dancing With The Stars.

This wasn't Brian's first time in the reality singing competition. In 2020, he appeared on the US version as "Giraffe", but he said the chance to experience anonymity again compelled him back to the show.

Brian Austin Green with Osher Gunsberg on the Masked Singer
Brian Austin Green was eliminated on the premiere episode of The Masked Singer after a brief stint visiting Australia with partner Sharna Burgess. Photo: Ten

"It's a super fun experience. It really is. The anonymity of it for someone like me... I just haven't had anonymity for so long in my life," Brian told Yahoo Lifestyle. "Nobody out on the stage knows it's you, nobody within the crew. So you just get to be an absolute dummy!"

The Masked Singer AU V. Masked Singer US: 'You just sort of show up'

Brian elaborated on the differences between the Australian and US versions of the show, saying the Aussie version was a much faster process.

"They shoot the entire season within a two-week period, it's very quick," he said. "When I got there it was like 'This is the costume'. Here in the States, I did a Zoom and you have a couple of choices about how things are put together. They're like 'let's talk about songs' whereas there [in Australia] it was like 'these are the songs you're going to do, this is the costume you're going to wear'. So you just sort of show up!"

Brian Austin Green on The Masked Singer
Brian Austin Green is unmasked on The Masked Singer AU. Photo: Ten


Brian Austin Green opens up about dating an Australian and the one thing he can't stand

After meeting Sharna Burgess in 2020, the couple have gone from strength to strength, welcoming their son Zane into the world in 2022 and launching their new podcast together this month, titled Oldish.

When Brian was filming Masked Singer while Sharna was filming the Aussie version of Dancing With The Stars, it was his first time in Australia — and if there's one thing he can't wrap his head around, it's Vegemite.

"Vegemite, I don't understand it," he told Yahoo Lifestyle. "If you have a choice of things in life to eat and enjoy, why is that one of them?! Sharna will just eat... f*****g sandwiches of it. Like, she used to pack it in her lunch when she was a kid."

A bemused Brian also wasn't sure how he'd deal with his son Zane growing up liking Vegemite if it was being introduced from such an early age.

"Like, having to have Vegemite in my home for the rest of my days. It's like having a dangerous pet. You know? It's like having a pet that could kill you if you're not careful. Oh, man," he laughed.

"Other than that, Australia and Australians are incredible people, it's an incredible place."

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