EXCLUSIVE: Osher Günsberg spills on crisis meeting with Channel 10 over his transformation

EXCLUSIVE: Even Osher Gunsberg is surprised about the popularity of his famous locks.

Osher Gunsberg is one of Australia's busiest men, hosting a variety of shows like The Masked Singer and The Bachelors, as well as keeping busy with his podcast Better Than Yesterday.

He's been a staple on our TV screens for two decades, from his days hosting on Channel V and Australian Idol, through to the Bachelor franchise and the one thing that he's been renowned for along with his hosting skills — his impeccable hair.

From the long ponytail when he was a music journo, all the way through to his perfectly coiffed Bachelor look, at one point his famous locks even had their own Instagram account.

Osher Gunsberg's hair even had its own fan account at some stage. Photo: Instagram.com/oshers_hair_official
Osher Gunsberg's hair even had its own fan account at some stage. Photo: Instagram.com/oshers_hair_official

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Osher laughed at how his hair has taken on an identity of its own over the years.

"Come on, it's just hair," he continued. "Hair does not pay my mortgage. Hair does not employ me. I'd like to think what comes out of my mouth pays me."

"No one gives if Abbie [Chatfield] or Chrissie [Swan], or Mel [B] change their hair every single episode, I got a haircut halfway through the season and there was a meeting!" Osher said.


The truth behind Osher's Masked Singer look

Osher Gunsberg pictured on the Masked Singer and on The Bachelors
Osher Gunsberg's had many hair transformations over the years. Photo: Ten

On his dramatic bleached blonde look which he debuted late last year, Osher explained what went down.

"I changed it quite significantly because I was doing a new project around a fake news show," he said.

"I needed to make sure visually that it was very different. I can't show up to The Bachelors with, you know, Dr Emmett Scott hair because what happens is then I distract from the moment. On The Bachelor, it's not about me at all."

Osher says he'd love to do The Masked Singer.... as a contestant

"Since Season 2, I've been pitching that I can do it," he said to Yahoo Lifestyle.

"But it'd require a duplicate mask... I'd love to, but it's up to the people who pay for the masks, to pay for a second one," he laughed.

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