The Masked Singer's Mel B cringes as contestant calls her out on stage

The celebrity behind Crash Test Dummy left the pop star red-faced with his comments.

The Masked Singer judge Mel B had an awkward encounter with one of the contestants during Monday night’s premiere episode when they called her out for a previous interaction.

Crash Test Dummy was the first celebrity to be unmasked after performing a heartfelt rendition of Shawn Mendes’ Stitches and left viewers in shock when they were revealed to be Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green.

The Masked Singer’s Brian Austin Green / Mel B looking embarrassed.
The Masked Singer’s Brian Austin Green called Mel B out after his reveal. Photos: Channel 10

Guessing panellist Chrissie Swan was clearly starstruck by Brian’s appearance on stage, while Mel B was quick to point out that they had met once before.

“We did,” he said with a laugh, which left the UK star nervous about what he was about to share.

“We ran into each other randomly at some bar on Sunset [Boulevard] like, 20 years ago. You were there with Victoria [Beckham].”


Mel B then asked if she had flirted with him, however, Brian claimed that she had actually made a comment about his weight.

“You said to me then, you were like, ‘You know, you should really work out’,” he recalled. “I was like, ‘Alright!’.”

The former Spice Girl was clearly embarrassed by her past comments and complimented Brian on his current appearance, saying he looks “gorgeous”.

The Masked Singer panel looking shocked.
Mel B was mortified when Brian revealed what she had said to him when they first met. Photo: Channel 10

Brian spills on the awkward interaction

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the cringe-worthy encounter, Brian asserts that Mel B was definitely not flirting with him when they first met.

“I was randomly sitting down having a drink with a friend of mine that I was working with, and she was there with Victoria and they were at the table right next to ours having a drink,” he tells us.

“So we ended up kind of looking at each other and realising like, ‘Oh holy s**t, it's you!’. That’s always the strange thing to begin with in our business, everybody from the outside world assumes that everybody knows everybody and that's just not the case.

“But we were in these two, just larger than life, crazy experiences - mine being 90210 and hers being the Spice Girls. So we had that sort of mutual moment of, ‘Oh my God, what are the odds of this happening?’.”


Brian went on to say that he and Mel were “chatting for a little while” when she eventually suggested he start going to the gym.

“[I was like], okay, cool, I get what you're saying there. I can read between the lines on that one,” he remarks. “Okay, not impressed, check, got it.”

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