Abbie Chatfield reveals huge pay gap between her co-workers: 'It was f**ked'

The podcast host has reflected on her corporate career before The Bachelor.

Abbie Chatfield has opened up about her experience with the gender pay gap when she worked in commercial real estate before establishing a career in the media industry.

Speaking on her It’s A Lot podcast with Meggie Palmer, the founder and CEO of tech company PepTalkHer, Abbie revealed that she was getting paid “a minimum $20,000 less” than her male co-workers.

Abbie Chatfield now / Abbie when she worked in commercial real estate.
Abbie Chatfield has opened up about the gender pay gap she experienced when she worked in commercial real estate. Photos: Instagram/itsalotpod / abbiechatfield

“When I was in commercial real estate, I was an analyst with a degree in property economics and when I graduated I was like, I’m gonna ask for a pay rise,” she detailed.

“So I went around to all the boys and asked them what they were on… And all of them were earning at least $20,000 more than me.”


Abbie explained that she was doing the exact same job as her colleagues, in addition to doing admin work for the company.

“The thing that I noticed when I was in corporate was that a lot of women, they have to take ‘foot in the door jobs’, and then they end up doing their role slash admin or slash receptionist. So they’re actually doing two jobs for less money,” she remarked.

“So I was doing all the stuff that the analysts would do, and then I was also doing miscellaneous admin.”

'It was f**ked'

Abbie then shared that she went into her performance review and pointed out all of the ways she had saved the company money, but was told there wasn’t enough budget for her to receive a pay rise.

However, once she pointed out that the men doing the same job as her were all on higher salaries, her salary increased by $20,000.

“It was f**ked,” she said. “And then I left and I went on The Bachelor and the rest is history.”


Since leaving her job in commercial real estate, Abbie has appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, won I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, and hosted Love Island Afterparty.

She has also launched her own fashion label and her own beer brand and hosted her national radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield from January 2022 until last month.

The 28-year-old recently hosted BINGE’s reality show FBoy Island Australia, and currently serves as a judge on The Masked Singer.

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