The Block's Steph responds to Kristy's 'two-faced' comments: 'I'm trying'

Drama is already brewing between Steph and Kristy on the reality show.

The Block’s Steph has broken her silence after fellow contestant Kristy suggested she is 'two-faced' during Tuesday night’s episode of the renovation series.

Drama erupted in week one when Kristy appeared to spread lies about Steph to the other teams and criticised her during her confessional.

The Block’s Steph and Kristy.
The Block’s Steph has responded to Kristy’s comments about her in her confessional. Photos: Channel Nine

“I would suggest that there are two different versions of Steph, one’s on camera and one’s off camera,” Kristy said. “And it’s very different conversations that you’re having at both points.”

While both parties are yet to address the incident on social media, Steph appeared on Hit Breakfast with Maz & Matty on Thursday morning to respond to Kristy’s comments.

“What I put that down to is someone that clearly doesn’t know me and someone that doesn’t necessarily have the time to get to know me,” she said.


“There are different sides to everyone in life and what you’re seeing, I believe, is that there’s an anxious person who’s really overwhelmed. That’s off-camera, I guess, and I’m trying to hold it the best I can.”

“And then the on-camera is I’m trying to be okay, I’m trying to be all good, and that’s just a coping mechanism… People just have to get to know me before they judge me, and I will never judge them based on knowing them for a couple of days, so I wish people would think the same way.”

Steph went on to say that although she and her husband Gian felt “isolated and alienated” at the beginning of the experience, viewers will see a change in the next few weeks.

“Of course there are alliances, that’s happening,” she said. “We reflect on our journey and we think back to week one and we had no time to even do anything with anyone or speak to anyone in week one. But it’s okay, there are 12 weeks to build these bonds and relationships and they do flourish.”

The Block’s Steph and Gian looking sad.
Steph admitted that she and her husband Gian felt ‘isolated and alienated’ at the start of the season. Photo: Channel Nine

'The most intense season yet'

Steph’s comments come shortly after an on-set source told Yahoo Lifestyle that this year’s edition of The Block is set to be “the most intense season yet”, with the Blockheads living in the closest proximity to each other in the show's history.

MAFS dinner parties look tame in comparison and we are delighted,” the insider shared.

“When you have people living on top of each other in a high-pressure situation like this, we just know how humans will behave and this series has really proved that for us.”


The source added that “queen bee status” is at the centre of the drama this year, with the “hierarchy” between contestants changing more than once throughout the season.

“We purposefully found women all around the same age and made sure they were all highly competitive with an insatiable need to be liked. It was genius,” they continued.

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